Missy Johnson

Masta of Disasta
Upper East Side
About 15 years ago I had a friend that lived up in the woods with me that introduced me to the Grateful Dead. Although I've never gotten to see Jerry, I've seen Bobby quite a few times. It's no secret that many deadheads are divers and many divers are reefkeepers. Just wondering if there's any heads out there on MR (besides me!). I love to catch shows when I can - usually a couple a year here in NY...and wondered if I could find some company.


Advanced Reefer
Glendale, Queens
Grateful Dead, And Jefferson Airplane, Golden Gate Park, San Fransisco, 1969. I was 9, and my cousin snuck me out of thier house to go to the concert. I grew up in Ca, and we were visiting in Palo Alto. He was much older, going to stanford. Mu dad was pissed, but since I got back safe, it didn't last too long. Wow, what a mind blower for a 9 year old in the 60's!
Many concerts to follow, I moved to NYC in 1979, after high school. Many more here. 6 radio city shows,garden, Englishtown, Piscataway, 2nd row, april 1st, 1980. Transit strike. Hitched from Queens to piscataway and back, ALL THE RIDES were from DEADHEADS!!!!! Got home when the sun came up!

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