Manhattan Reefs - About Us

Manhattan Reefs is an open community of coral aquarium enthusiasts. Our group is open to anyone in any area who shares our passion for scientific exploration and preservation of the worlds greatest natural resource, coral reefs. But Manhattan Reefs is not just about these goals, MR is the shared space for a set of interrelated hobbies that many of us share.

Manhattan Reefs contains many reef related topics that overlap with different areas of our lives. Biology, Chemistry, Animal Husbandry, Automation, Physics, Photography, we even have a few self proclaimed fermentation experts. For an aquarium owner, these topics run tip toe on top of one another, the lines are permanently blurred.

Because of this, Manhattan Reefs was designed to be a slightly overwhelming place from the moment you arrive. There is a lot to know, and there are a lot of things worth doing. Focus on what you are interested in and develop your abilities. When you have mastered one topic, move on to the next. Never cease your educative experience.

MR was founded in 2001 by a group of like minded people who shared an interest in growing their own coral fragments (“frags”) and exchanging them at predetermined meeting points in the city, more often than not, over food and an open inviting atmosphere.

After 6 years, we are now the largest reef community in the Tri-State Area, we hold the largest open coral exchange on the East Coast twice a year (“Frag Swaps”), we have unique regional activities including educational events, tank restockings, community development work, poker nights, barbecues, etc.

Manhattan Reefs seeks to combine old school hobbyists, new reef growers, and professionals in an environment that is fully balanced with a level playing field for people working for profit or without.

There are several rules that you need to adhere to when participating in Manhattan Reefs.

If you are engaging in any sort of profitable activities, you must follow our Vendor Rules.
If you are engaging in any sexual or violent conversation, you are not welcome in our group.
If you cannot meet and communicate about a common interest with your fellow hobbyist without getting into an argument, you should not join us.

We are a family, growing and protecting our pets in the best environment that we can offer. We routinely conduct local tests of species to determine if they are infected with pests or plagues. The end goal of these efforts is to develop a group of reef keeping individuals who can exchange pest free specimens of different species that we can all share, and to track the developments of each species in a different environment.

Want to start your own reef? You need two things, curiosity and patience. Reef aquariums can be built on a budget but you need to do research, ask questions, and observe the successes and failures of others in order to get anywhere.

Reef Keeping can be an amazingly rewarding experience if you approach it slowly and are not in a hurry. The average wild coral reef is tens of thousands of years old. Take your time, read, use our search functionality, use Google, and don't be afraid to ask questions when you are stumped. Your fellow hobbyists are your support system.

That's what we're all about.

Enjoy your stay.

-Manhattan Reefs