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Aquarium Village
Copiague, NY
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Hi folks we just got in a huge Bali fish shipment yesterday filled with some nice goodies at both our Copiague and CP locations.. Too many to list come on down and see for yourself

We also have more purple tangs and shoals in stock as well


Advanced Reefer
Long Island
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I saw them on Tuesday. The prices were about $120 to $140 depending on size for the ones I looked at. They were really nice. I should have gotten one while I was there...


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Went to Copaigue location yesterday on the way home from work. They had a bunch of nice tangs - purple, naso, blue/hippo and a few others. No weirdo fish except for a banded pipefish, which I'm always hesitate to get since I never see them eat prepared foods. Should do fine in my 180, but I hate to risk it. Corals were great as always.

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