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Hello Reefers want to let everyone know we got a nice shipment of fish and coral in for the weekend
Mexicans and Yellow Tangs are in!!
We got some west African fish in. Radiant wrasses & Midas blennies to name a few
Got in some ultra flower nems @ $50! (cop)
Asst nems starting at $19.99
Reduced prices on designer zoa frags (cop)
Aussie Hammer frags @ $35
We're running a nice fish sale in store, come in to see the great deals!
We have a great coral sale for the weekend @ 25% until sunday (9/23)
If anyone needs salt were doing an awesome sale on Instant Ocean 200g Purple Boxes, $32.99 2/$58!!
(copiague only limit 4 per customer, while supplies last, until sunday (9/23))
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