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We are pleased to announce that we now carry AlgaGen products which are some of the best fish and coral foods on the market!!!


* Tisbe Pods - Don't be fooled by 'other' pods that aren't suited for the reef aquarium. Tisbe pods are the ones you want to feed your mandarins, pipe fish, wrasses etc. They are a warm water species that are substrate dwellers and reproduce readily in the home aquarium. These are the pods you want to seed or replenish your tank! They eat detritus, phyto, fish food, fish waste and multiply.

* PhycoPure Reef Blend - PhytoPlankton take excess nutrients such as nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, iron, sunlight, carbon dioxide and create fatty acids that are critical to the health of many marine organisms. This is the most diverse assemblage of Phyto on the market today. It has 9 different types and even contains zooxanthellae. It is a great general feed for your reef. The Reef Blend is a great food for amphipods, copepods, clams, scallops, shrimp larvae, sponges and certain corals.

* Coral Smoothie - This product is designed to help conveniently feed your reef. The ingredients are of the highest quality and proven to stimulate coral feeding and growth. The food particles on the smaller side 5-5000um in bottles that have a pour spout for ease of feeding. Simply cut the tip of the bottle as you would with a tube of caulking, submerge the bottle into the tank, point and squeeze. You can target directly or squeeze into the powerhead for a broadcast feed.