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That was fast must be a hard business

No easy , Built the place for a customer that never followed thru. I have built 6 stores so far.
I?m a carpenter (G/C) not into retail. If you would like a restoration done or a house built u can call

This shop has made $ from day one ,never once went into the pocket to keep it going ,
This shop was made to hold a ton a stuff n keep it alive
This shop was built in mind for a 3 day week and for a one man operation, really no need to have an employee and the total overhead is so low, that why this stop can do it and survive. Most shops have SUPER HIGH RENTS n overhead and struggle and still make little to NO PROFIT (IMO)

Great deal for the right person

AND if it doesn't sell NO problem it holds its own ,Testing the waters to see who's interested
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