Eric yeung

Experienced Reefer
In Astoria 23 Ave good to know other member reefer 425 two week ago after cycle the tank hope to buy some sps frag from SPS King you have amazing SPS


Manhattan Reefs
Astoria NYC
I'm starting my "first build" for the 3rd time. Hopefully 3rd time is the charm. Will probably need help from local members!!

I'm by 47th and Broadway in Astoria

Happy to help in anyway brotha. 30th Ave and 29th strreet.

Shoot me a text and feel to reach out if you have any questions. (302) - 438-2577


Advanced Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
Astoria NY
Just moved to Astoria 35th ave by 12th street. Looking to get back into the hobby coming back with a small budget if anyone can help I’ll appreciate. It’s crazy I had so much great equipment and when I left the hobby I gave it mostly away 🤦🏽‍♂️

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