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hope everyone is doing well heres a stock/sale list for you guys!!!!

small yellow tangs-$24.99
flame angels-$34.99
dispar anthias-$14.99
solar fairy wrasse-$24.99
xl mag fox-$64.99
pintail wrasse male-$39.99
bellus angel females-$45-65 male super sale $114.99!!!!

****special items fish list*******
one of a kind rare angel as of now a couple of marine biologist still have no clue what this is!!!(at first it looks like a coral beauty hybrid but this species came out of sri lanka where coral beauties are not an indigenous species any comments or ideas please leave a reply

dwarf golden angels
true red head wrasse
***********4'' blue ring angel''********* super rare to see one this size

True percula clownfish
Maroon clownfish
Tomato Clownfish
Gold maroon Clownfish
Flame Angel
Emperor Angel Judi
Emperor Angel adult
Koran Angel adult
Majestic Angel adult
Bellus Angel female
Bellus Angel male
Golden Angel
Goldflake Angel juvi
Elibi Angel
Coral Beauty Angel
Square Anthias male/female
Lyretail Anthers male/female
Bimaculous Anthers male/female
Dispar Anthias
Rosy Velvet Wrasse
Rubin Wrasse
Lubbock Wrasse
Clown Wrasse
Orangeback Wrasse
Naoki Wrasse
Pintail Wrasse
Red head Wrasse
Melanurus Wrasse
Cleaner Wrasse
Whipfin Wrasse
Red Corris Wrasse adult
Yellow Corris Wrasse
Jewel Leopard Wrasse
Ornatus Wrasse
Bluestar Leopard Wrasse
Blonde Naso Tang
Tenneti Tang
Yellow Tang
Gold Rim Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Powder Brown Tang
Vlamingi Tang
Kole Tang
Bristletooth Tang
Clown Tang
Scopas Tang
Unicorn Tang
Naso Tang
Hippo Tang sm/m/l
Copperband Butterfly
Longnose Butterfly
Pyrmaid Butterfly
Morish Idol
Aptasia Filefish
Tassle Filefish
Clown Trigger Showsize
Bluethroat Trigger male/female
Niger Trigger
Unduated Trigger
Midas Blenny
Algae Blenny
Bicolor Blenny
Starry Blenny
Pastel Tilefish
Redstriped Tilefish
Yellow Goatfish
Bicolor Parrotfish
Peppermint Hogfish
Bangaii Cardinal
Longnose Hawkfish

Pop pom crabs
Asst Hermit crabs
Trochus Snail
Turbo Snail
Astrea Snail
Blue linkia
Knobby Star
Blue Spiny Lobster
Blood shrimp
Cleaner Shrimp
Harlequin Shrimp


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