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I have had great success removing Majano anemones with a dental pick. I've noticed that Majano don’t seem to put their feet down as strongly as Aptasia do. If you get the sharp point of a dental pick through the mouth of one and go all the way down to where the foot is attached to the rock, then scrape around slowly back and forth, 9 times out of 10 they will usually release without much more fuss. The trickiest part is if they are situated in a way that is hard to get to their feet. If you can safely remove that rock, go for it. Otherwise I’d say just keep tabs on it often so eventually you can try to scrape it out again.

By the way, NEVER DO THIS TO APTASIA. If you do you will just have 6 more in a month or two. With Aptasia I have been successful with peppermint shrimp (Lysmata wurdemanni), Copperband butterfly, Berghia nudibranchs, and sometimes chemicals like Joe’s Juice or Red Sea Aptasia X, though most often it just seems like the chemicals are only stunting or irritating them more or less. Turning off all tank flow and squirting freshly made kalkwasser paste onto the aptasia and letting that sit for about 30 minutes before siphoning out is usually successful.
Just in case you aren’t aware of the difference, Aptasia generally has sharp tipped tentacles while Majano have rounded looking tentacles. I’d share a picture here but just a quick Google search will show you the difference.
You can also use distilled white vinegar in a hypodermic needle and inject it into a Majano in order to get it to loosen it's foot up a bit, further helping you get it out with a dental pick. I have also used diluted muriatic acid (pool acid) to inject into Majano. Muriatic acid can be found in the pool section, usually outside, at any Home Depot or Lowes. Be very careful messing with muriatic acid as it ain't no joke. I dilute it to 10 percent so I take the acid outside, I use protective eyewear and a ventilator mask with acid cartridges on them. I'll use a 100 ml graduated cylinder and put 90 ml of RODI water in it and then carefully pour 10 ml of muriatic into the cylinder. ALWAYS POUR ACID INTO WATER AND NOT WATER INTO ACID IN ORDER TO DILUTE. Then i'll use this mixture with a hypodermic needle to inject into Majano. Sometimes it will kill them straight out or at least it will weaken them so their feet let go easier when you go after them with a dental pick. You can't do this with Aptasia because they spew out reproductive materials when messed with in this way which will just lead to more Aptasia down the road. I always likened it to the broom problem Mickey Mouse has in the Disney movie, Fantasia. Sorry for the old person reference but I'm old....ish. Besides, if you haven't ever seen Fantasia, are you really even living?
Majano do not spew out reproductive materials when bothered with so you can be rougher with them.

Good luck out there. I hope you don’t run into a problem with these nasty pieces of **** as although they are easy to remove physically, they are a royal pain in the ass to track down and eliminate. Thanks for reading and let me know what your experiences are.


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I make a paste out of kalkwasser and lemon juice. I then cover the mujano with the paste using a small syringe. This usually kills the mujano but be careful not to get the paste on coral because it can burn or kill sections of it.

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