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Tank Display DIMS: Length 34.79” Width: 10.13” Height: 12.99”

I decided I was going to go with a Kessil A360X and an older A360W for my lighting and have them about 8" above the water at a lower intensity.
But today a hobbyist is shutting down their tank and is selling 2 Radion Gen 4 XR30s, approximately 2 years old, non pro version, they'd sell me the lights for the same price I could sell the 2 Kessils for.

Is it worth selling the kessils for the Radions, I know the Radions are more powerful plus would probably be more future proof if I went with a larger tank in the future, but would they be too much of an overkill and not be able to work on such a small tank?

Thanks in advance.


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That’s depending what you going to have!! I have a friend that was using 2 xr30 g4 pros with 4 t5 in a 3feet tank and everything would grow there!! Especially sps


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Look at Noo-Psyche. Best bang for your buck. The k7 pro v3 WiFi compares with the Radion xr30 for a quarter of the price. I’ll never buy a high priced light again. Sold my XR15 for this light and it’s night and day with my corals.

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