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A carpenter made me a platform for my 180g aquarium. Unfortunately my wood floors have a lot of sag and one corner is nearly a half inch off the ground with other unevenness throughout. Im looking into larger carpet shims or leveling feet. The carpenter proposed feet like these pictured but I’m concerned that they are a risk as they’d be mounted inside with the contact point to the ground not directly underneath the 2x4s. Also, it would be extremely difficult to adjust the ones in the back with a wrench once we have it in place against the wall. There’s finger screw footmaster leveling feet I’m looking at, but their mounting plates wouldn’t work with the 2x4s as we have now - could we double up and add another set of 2x4s so we’d be working with essentially a 4x4 frame? I’m wondering what you would recommend in this situation? Any suggestions would be welcome. This is all for my beloved, currently 10” turtle I got from Chinatown when she was the size of a quarter. Most expensive $3 I’ve ever spent. Wouldn’t change anything except for my initial stand/platform blueprints. Weight wise, I will only have it filled half way at most (and then eventually move somewhere with concrete floors so I can use a traditional stand and fill it to capacity).


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Why not just shim it with the ones you have in the picture?

You can always use a 1x2 on the inside of each side that is too high, mark it once level, flip the stand over, and screw the boards in from the inside at the proper marking.


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There's a reason your floors are warped;

Bad construction
Water damaged
Wear and tear
old age
inferior lumber
used lumber
warped lumber

Bottom line can it take this load?

If you shim the 2x4 on the outer perimeter you will have the perpendicular 2x4's floating.
Personally I would use a laser level and large plastic shims (4"x4") every two feet along the face and every foot from front to back than place a 3/4 inch piece of plywood over top of the shim grid. Check plywood for full contact than check for level and place stand on top.

Buy the shim packs that have varying thickness. (1/4" 1/8" 1/16" )


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Here is my build thread from NJREFFERS.ORG and look at post #12 - I have sloping floors and I used the heavy duty levelers from Rockler to even the tank. I dilled holes in the bottom of the stand so I could adjust the height of the legs once it was upright. It worked out great - GL.

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