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I'm wondering how many (if any) more fish you think I can add without overcrowding...

Have a 55G (Red Sea 250 G2) which currently has the following in it:
  1. Bangaii cardinalfish
  2. Tailspot blenny
  3. Royal gramma basslet
  4. Helfrichi firefish
  5. 6 line wrasse
  6. Flame hawk
  7. Flame angel

Is that maxed out or do you think I have room to add a couple more?


The All Powerful OZ
Staff member
The Big City
It depends upon how much live rock that you have in the tank, and also if the tank is reef tank or a fish only tank. A lot of live rock could limit the space in the tank, and if it's a reef tank, then you don't want that many fish, as the increase in load could cause a problem with water quality. Looking at what you have, it doesn't seem like a lot, though the 6 line wrasse could be a problem with the other fish, outside of the Flame Angel, that you have listed.

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