Advanced Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
north NJ
selling a sea sweep and tunze pump in excellent condition.
i am the second owner, purchased from thehun few months ago. i paid $350- and would like the same. i will post pics when i get home if needed here is a link to the item. will ship at buyers expense

The ??Deluxe?? Model (5.5'?L x 3.25'?W x 2.5'?H...?'? higher than Economy) will oscillate ALL of the above mentioned Non-Controllable Models and the CONTROLLABLE FULL SIZE ROUND TUNZE STREAM 2 Models (6105,6155,6205,6305).....ALL the Controllable NANO STREAMS (6055,6095) AND the older CONTROLLABLE Square TUNZE STREAMS (6101,6201,6301) and the Koralia Evolution Powerheads too!

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