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Staten Island
I did a lot of rescaping last week and have a bunch of frags from moving colonies around. I am posting them up for $10 a frag in order to clear some room. These frags are Pick up only in Staten Island (I cant drive and very rarely get off the island so i apologize in advance). I have some that I cant remember the names of but I will list below the ones I do remember. I have multiples of most frags listed.

$10 per frag
Rose milli
Red planet (sold out)
Green slimmer
Blue stag
Pc rainbow (sold out)
Teal Stag
Tri color
Yellow tip acro
Blue tip acro
Northern lights monti (sold out)
Nirvana zoas

I also have these available

Duncans $10 a head
Watermelon Chalice $10 an eye (there are two 1 eye frags and a 2 eye frag)
I also have some nice mini colonies of some of the sticks listed above available for $20.

Thanks in Advance
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