Coral Zoas for sale


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Westchester NY
Prices are per polyp...But i always discount further on larger counts. There is a minimum of 2 on most and some the minimum is greater count just depend on the frag sizes that i have at the moment. Best to come and take a look. I am in Westchester.

Strawberry fields $5

Nuclear green waste $15

Goblins on fire $20

CB Rainbow infusions $40

Ailien Anti Venoms $5

Black Nebulas $200

Magitians $35

Nirvanas $10

Radioactive Greens $5

Mohawks $20

Everlasting Gobstoppers $25

Purple People Eaters $10

Yellow Brick Roads $25

Darth Mauls $25

JF Captain Jerks $3

Purple Death $10

Rastas $10

blue Hornets $15

Miami Vice $25

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