For Sale 210 G Saltwater Fish Tank RR $1600.00 DUMONT NJ


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210 Gallon Reef Ready Saltwater Fish Tank Aquarium Reef Ready

210 Gallon Oceanic Reef Ready Tank with custom wooden stand made of 2x6s and reinforced with metal brackets.
Includes glass covers.

Dimensions. 72" x 24" wide, x 29" deep.
40 gallon custom sump, and dual external pan am return pumps/plumbing. Eshopps skimmer. ALL live rock and sand as pictured.
Lighting is 3 (Aqua Illumination) AI HYDRA LED lights on a sleek aluminum rail system, fully controllable. You will also get several powerheads for display tank circulation. Lastly, I will include a RODI reverse osmosis deionized water filter system, some test kits, supplies. Basically everything you need to get into the hobby with quality equipment.
Fish and Shrimp NOT included.

Easy Main Level pick up.

Tank is still up and running so you can see it in action.


I can breakdown the tank quickly and assist with loading.
I would suggest a van, trailer or pick up truck +


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