Coral Grab and go frags in Nj (SPS, Rastas) 07003


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Hello all,
Hope you are all safe and doing well!
I have been able to frag some corals during this time. Please see the following frags for sale:

1 X toadstool frag: Sold
1X Rasta Zoas Frag
s: 15 heads- 30$
3 heads- $5 (Sold)
2X Purple Porci:
2-3 inches- 15$
6X Birds of Paradise: 2 Inch frags: $15 each
3 X Neon Spongodes Montipora
3-4 Inches- 15$ Each
1X Neon Spongodes Montipora (Large Frag) 5-6 inches- 40$

Mother Colony NFS:
BOP Mother Colony.jpg

BOP Mother Colony

Neon Spongodes Montipora.jpg

Neon Spongodes Mother Colony

Purple Stylo Mother

Purple Porci Mother Colony.jpg

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