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Hey folks,

As we tend to sometimes get more and more gear... it is time at some point to let some of the unused gear go.

So here is what I have. We can arrange "doorstep pick-up" due to the current epidemic. I live close to Gramercy Park in Manhattan.

* APEX Classic kit: SOLD
I have replaced it by the new version to get a Trident.
Comes with:
- head unit
- EB8 powerbar
- Screen (very used cable... weak design on Neptune's part)
- Netgear WiFi
- Breakout box
- PM1 module (pH/ORP)
- 2x temperature probes
- pH probe
- ORP probe
- Both probes have been kept in a buffer solution to avoid drying
- pH and salinity calibration solutions
- All the cables you need for that setup
- I am also adding my old PM2 and Salinity probe, although the PM2 appears non-functional. But the salinity probe is still good to go.

* Profilux 3 controller, 200$
Hardly ever used
- head unit
- Powerbar 6D
- temperature probe
- all the cables

* Metal Halide pendant and ballast, 250W, GONE
- Brand new in box
- Hamilton Cayman with strip of moonlight LED, Mogul mount
- Comes with the ceiling mounting cables
- Included is a 250W 20000K Radium
- IceCap Luxcore Electronic ballast, adjustable: 150-175-250-SuperLumen settings

* Metal Halide pendant and ballast, 150W: GONE
- Hamilton Bimini
- Comes with 2 sets of feet (long and short) and the ceiling mount
- Hamilton electronic ballast
- Hamilton magnetic ballast (yes, both)
- Included is a slightly used 150W 20000K Radium
- 2 blue LED strips from ReefBrite mounted on the sides
- The Reefbrite strips come with the box to control their intensity. Can be programmed using the provided 1-10V cable.

* 2x TrueLumen 12", 8000K, SOLD
- With mounting brackets and power supply

* Kessil H80 refugium light, SOLD
- With mounting arm

* Pump Eheim Universal 1250: SOLD
- Recently replaced by something smaller because I have a tiny sump.
- Perfect working condition.

* JBJ Nano Zapp UV , 3W, 10$
- Model MT-NZ3

* Reactor: AquaMaxx Nano Star Calcium reactor. 55$
- Brand new in box
- Calcium reactor with Sicce pump, but can be used for many things
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