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I've got some extra equipment that's been in storage for a while. I saved this from my last tank that was taken down a while back but I decided not to use this equipment on my new tank. prices/detail are as listed but will accept any reasonable offer or TRADE FOR SPS FRAGS preferred.

Deltec APH-525 - $100. great skimmer, pump runs fine. I decided to not use this on my tank because of noise. it runs loud compared to more current equipment.

APEX EB8 and control module - $50 I ran this for a couple of weeks on my tank and it was working. I had some issues with it shutting off and coming back on so I replaced them with new. I think the control module was the problem but I haven't tested it since replacing it. Includes working temp probe and pH

MTC media reactor - $75 6" x 8" chamber. never used. been sitting around for a while.

I also have a bunch of misc plumbing parts. 1/2", 3/4" and 1". PVC fittings and bulkheads. FREE to whoever wants them.
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