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*edit* Price dropped to $800 obo. I really want to sell asap to make space in my apartment. Willing to part out if there's enough interest.

Putting the feelers out to sell this whole setup. My wife passed away in May 2022, I impulsively purchased this tank to keep me busy. Well, needless to say life was busy enough and it was hard enough to keep up with my established IM Nuvo 10g. Looking to sell this all together. Will consider parting out down the line. The tank has been running since June 2022 but honestly it's probably been almost a year since I've done a water change. Gonna break it down this weekend and leave the rock out on my balcony to have everything die off, so you'll need to cycle the rock again. Asking $800 OBO Located in Flushing, NY.

  1. Solana 34g Cube AIO w/ Stand - Tank does not leak but does have a couple scratches that aren't terribly noticeable when filled. There is also a circular mark on the right side that looks like it was from a magnet for a wave pump or something. Also, not terribly noticeable. I changed the drawer and door handles and painted the inside of the glass door black. The shelf was removed to make room for an ATO and power supplies (I do not have the shelf). There is also a cabinet floor sliding shelf I installed for an ATO reservoir. Will include a 1 gallon jug but the cabinet easily fits a 5 gallon ATO reservoir. (pic from when I first started the cycle)
  2. Micmol Aqua Mini G3 (discontinued) Still works great. https://www.micmol.com/minipro.html
  3. Tunze Comline 9001 Skimmer (magnet has been moved and glued to the side so it fits in the Solana's 1st chamber)
  4. Sicce Syncra 1.5 Return Pump
  5. VCA RFG Ultimate Nano Tank Return Line Upgrade Kit - 1/2 in Loc-Line to Dual 1/4
  6. Eheim Jager 150W Heater
  7. Ice Cap Magnetic Heater Mount
  8. InTank Floss Holder for 1st Chamber
  9. InTank Media basket for 2nd Chamber
  10. InTank Surface Skimmer
  11. Caribsea Life Rock Reef Tree Kit
  12. Barnacle Cluster
  13. 2x Hydor Aqami KPS Wifi controlled wave pumps. (sometimes the red light flashes as if the pumps are over heating but they kick right back on in a few seconds)
  14. Smart ATO Micro (pump was replaced in 2023)
  15. 2x Kamoer X1 Bluetooth Dosers
  16. Flipper Cleaner Edge
  17. Inkbird ITC308S Temp Controller
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