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  1. Fish Flame angel

    50$. Pickup 10553
  2. Regal angel

    Fs red sea regal angel, eats everything 120$. Pickup only
  3. Frogspawn

    1frogspawn for sale green with purple tips 10$ p/h 3 head 25 Pickup 10553
  4. BTA For sale

    5+ inches fully open. 50$ pickup 10553
  5. Small stand 50$

    I used this for my 20gal qt tank and to head a 5 gallon bucket for my dt.I also hid my apex opposite to the bucket.The middle section can be removed if need be.puckup 10553.needs a light cleaning
  6. Snorkeling curacao

    Horrible phone video of my snorkeling trip.
  7. fish 4s

  8. sps 4 sale.

    selling for a friend. 25$/frag ~1" -pc rainbow -ponage rainbow please p.m if interested for pics.
  9. rbta

    25$. will trade for sps. pickup 10553
  10. Clam

    Hey reefers, I haven't posted anything in a while so I decided to post pictures of my clam. I cant find pictures of how small it was when I got it but it was pretty much the size of the purple clam in the picture. I watched the video with the huge clam being knifed to death and that made me love...
  11. pods gone wild
  12. Flame angel F.S

    30$- free Azure damsel included.
  13. Carpet nem

    clearing one of my nems. 75$
  14. Frags

    Need these corals gone asap. Got some freebies with purchase aslo. pic 1-20 pic 2-15 pic 3-10 pic4-15-sold pic 5-10 (needs tlc)
  15. birds nest +

    I want to trim my birds nest colony, its gotten to big. 5-10$ fresh cuts.. Also got other random corals zoas , leathers etc. PM for pics. This is an old thread, but I still got must of these corals
  16. Cabinet

    I have made two of these but only need one. I used it to hide my top off water/ doser and pwr strips..Free.. Doors needs to be readjusted and it needs a handle.28 h x 23w x 19 d. P/U today or tomorrow. 10553
  17. Discus Tank

    Need recommendations for discus tank lights. I know they don't need strong lighting, I need a nice light that would show their colors.
  18. Free gsp

    Free un mounted GSP.. Its growing on my back and side walls. Im changing tanks tomorrow and don't intend on keeping any. Must pick up today or tomorrow before 12.. Also have cheap zoas for sale if interested. 10550-mt Vernon
  19. Short video of clowns spawning.

    I got tired of holding my phone but still a good vid.
  20. Frags FT

    Frags for trade. P/m if interested. P/u 10553 if {(price <=1)||(price>=2) price=trade;} else price=noTrade; return price;