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  1. Swap goodies Cheap

    Got bunch of zoa frags they all 8-10 polyp frags and bigger all $50 each
  2. Low ORP reading ?

    What's your ORP reading I have the apex ORP probe that's reading on the low side 250-300 day night my sps don't look good at all i remember my ORP last year used to stay close to 400 and things were doing great and now I think its way to low I got small ozone generator with bubbler in my sump...
  3. Green iguana licance ?

    I always wanted to keep one and now I'm looking at some iguana set ups just to find out that in NY they r not legal to keep with out a licance so my question is where do I get one ? How much is it etc ? I see people sell them in ny on e bay mostly in the Bronx like its no big deal ? Thanks
  4. ATI 24" t5 light

    Want to buy ASAP in good working condition :)
  5. H2Os swap goodies

    utter chaos -2p $50 3p $70 rastas -2p 3p $30 capitan america -4p $40 purple hornet -4p $40 ked reds -9p $20 tubs blue -8p $60 heres some pics frags r cut months ago and what u see is what u get
  6. utter chaos 4 sale

    Need to trim my utter chaos colony they r $25 a polyp. Lmk how many polyp you want me to cut Minimum order of 2 polyps or more I didn't cut them yet need to see if anyone is intrestead first . Post here how many u need and I will cut them this weekend will be ready for pick up in 2 weeks from...
  7. Staten Island does anyone carry reef nutrition products

    I'm so tired of looking checked all stores in bk went to ma and everyone is out :( I'm looking for oyster eggs and phyto
  8. Rubbermaid sump

    I know there's a place in Long Island that stock all kinds of water storage tanks Are these safe to be used as a sump ? Looking for 75g-100g Any one know the name , location of this place ?
  9. wtb deepblue frag tank 24x24x24

    Or 24x24x12
  10. Happy birth day Zuska

    Happy birth day kid wish u all the best . :party:
  11. zoa sale

    Utter chaos 5 polyp $100 Rastas 5 polyp $60 Red hornet 5 polyp $50 Purple hornets 5 polyp $50 Magicians 5 polyp $30 Nuclear green 5 polyp $15 Got lots of nice zoas with no name $5 a polyp
  12. Giants vs Jets

    Lets go Giants.. hope they kick some butt... :argue:
  13. 110g tank stand lights 4 sale

    It's my old set up that's looking for a new home its 110 g aga tank ,nice custom stand , with a current light fixture 48" long 2 150watt mh. 4 54watt t5 . Take all for $700 lots of pics in my old tank tread .
  14. frags 4 sale

    Pick up only, no trades im in Bay Ridge Brooklyn 11209 utter chaos - 6polyp-$125 frags sold to Wolverine57,Devilsreefing ,Darkstar 1 pennding sale space monsters -3polyp-$75 sold to Wolverine57,Darkstar 2 more left darth maules- 6polyp-$ 100 sold Jr973, Wolverine57,Devilsreefing out rastas...
  15. utter chaos

    I got a 4 polyp frag for trade at the swap looking for NICE zoas and palys or chalice will post pics later pm me what u got . Thanks
  16. utter chaos

    Got two frags only ,2poyp each were cut last week and ready for pick up in Bay Ridge Brooklyn this weekend $100 each u can see pics in my tank tread.
  17. H2O's Elos 120XL

    I got a new elos tank for Christmas so right away i went to work on it with my friend Ernest we broke down my 110g aga tank and started my elos 120xl. heres some progress shots
  18. Future tank of the month is here

    Just got my Elos 120xl from santa :)
  19. Utter chaos , Rasta, Purple Hooters

    utter chaos 1polyp + baby -$120 - SOLD Straightjiggy10 rasta 1polyp - $25 - SOLD Youngreef, Rookie07 purple hooters 1polyp $15 - SOLD Straightjiggy10 all frags been cut a week before the swap and r good to go ALL SOLD. THANKS
  20. red hornet

    i have one polyp frag for sale $100 pick up only pics in my tank tread