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  1. Neon bicolor splatter hammer 5$ per head.

    Neon bicolor splatter hammer 5$ per head colony available. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. Tapatalks response to errors on phone app

    TAPATALKS RESPONSE TO ERRORS ON PHONE APP See below: Thanks for reporting back. The forum you are trying to reach does not have a working Tapatalk plugin running, hence causing the issue. We have notified the forum owner to update their plugin. Please report the same to your forum admin as...
  3. 90 gallon plus stand live rock and corals

    90 gallon plus stand live rock and corals sump skimmer deal About to break down my 90 will have the following at minimum for sale looking for someone interested Tank / Stand - 250 SUPER DEAL - Tank/stand/bio marine sump/reef octo ss150 - $500 The sump alone is about 400$ new and the...
  4. Mini reef 60$

    Several frags, pick up only gold dust,sour apple birds nest, red mont cap, banzai, spongodes -10566 Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  5. 50 gallon low iron cube 150$ stand sump

    Have a main display this is just sitting around need to get it out of the house. Comes with AI mounts. Price firm. Tank just needs a hose and vinegar good to go. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  6. Anyone have experience will T SLOT Aluminum stands?

    I watched the BRS clown tank video and vertex was supposedly releasing a product but this was back in 2013 and still nothing. T slot stands in theory look pretty simple. I was wondering if anyone knows what exacly is necessary in terms of parts and cost. Also if anyone knows about adding...
  7. No nitrate or phosphate dying corals

    So Hello - I have a tank I set up 2 years ago and it has been one headache to another from the start. I have never had any issues with sps or lps even when I used to make water in a bathtub mix the salt in and pour it in my tank. Now I use RO DI, I ran Pellets for a year and tried all manners...
  8. Frag packs :) 6 frags

    Bonsai, green slimer, red cap monti, deep blue acro, green velvet, pink lemonade 120$ pick up 10566 Pm for pick up Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  9. Frags & Vortech and Jebao + Mag Pumps -Reduced Prices!

    Mag 5- 40$ Mag 9.5 50$ *SOLD* Jebao RW8 X2 - 60 total bucks for both. Less than a year old. - PENDING 4 HOTDOGORAMER - THIS GUY IS GREAT WITH COMMUNICATION. *SOLD* *SOLD* Vortech - $75 bucks its pretty old but still running just fine, will work great on a smaller tank, white version non...
  10. 20$ Yellow tang

    Yellow tang 20$ I have had him for about 5 months but he is too aggressive and established for me to add any new fish as he was alone for a long time. He is about 3 inches. Pick up only Peekskill 10566 Dont try to negotiate on 20$. I will let him eat all my macro in my sump and die of being...
  11. Hydra 52 hd help?

    Hello all I am looking for Help - I recently bought two brand new Hydra 52's from BRS They have stopped working. They have constantly disconnected since I bought them and cannot be used with the AI app for more than a day without becoming invisible. Now one is blinking RED which means contact...
  12. Unbelieveable

    I headed down to The Reef Shoppe - Shout out to Casey great guy really, love him - I grab a couple skunk cleaners get home and acclimate. An hour and a half later I say to myself ok lets get the water out of the bags and animals into the tank. I make a small hole clamping most of the bag off...
  13. Stressed looking Kole Eye

    Hey guys I have a Kole Eye that was doing fine for about a week. Last night I noticed he is pale with dark blotches. Any Idea what can cause constant stress? all my parameters are fine and he is the biggest fish in a 90 gallon with only 2 other small fish a clown and blue damsel. I have...
  14. 90 Gallon with stand

    Hey guys got an almost new 90 gallon with wood stand and new mag 5 ran for 6 months now empty good seals. 475 OBO Also have 50 pounds Dry rock and brand new skimmer for 150 gallon reef octopus never opened - all including tank 800 also have a staphire 50 gallon with sump skimmer fully stocked...
  15. 66 starphire with stand and sump skimmer

    hello please see below... if interested contact Johnny at 914-588-8118 I will not be checking for responses 800 for tank stand sump and skimmer 450 for tank stand sump
  16. FREEEE 75 gallon with stand, sump, pump, ans skimmer

    FREEEE 75 gallon with stand, sump, pump, and skimmer I need this gone guys. You can have it for free if you come get it tomorrow. Don't try to tell me Monday or something else. This is free on the condition you get your butt here tomorrow and pick it up. Otherwise Im breaking it in 1000 pieces...
  17. RickRude HOT 45 cube running 2 months time to take pics!

    Hey thanks for looking! Had to switch over and redo the living room - enjoy :cyclops: Special thanks to REEFBOYS for helping me set up the tank, and Marc from got frags for supplying some of the the goods!
  18. Tank for sale 75 gallon

    Hey guys I had to down grade I have my 75 left I will let it go for 150 with the stand and sump tank. PM me for more info
  19. Tank skimmer stand frags sump and uv for sale

    HEY GUYS! SPRING CLEANING! Let me know if you want to pick anything up I only want 200 for the tank (it is a 75 but if you do the math it is actually an 80) and stand. It has a 20 gallon as a sump. I will even include the mag drive pump. I would take 30 bucks for the UV it needs a bulb but you...
  20. Aqua illumination 3 sol blue with rail no controller

    Hey guys I have 3 Aqua illumination sol blue modules with rail but no controller The units are less than a year old. 900$ solid - pick up in westchester contact me