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  1. Large UV Needed

    Looking for a large UV 80 Watts or more, let me know what you have.
  2. Trade coral for fish

    Looking to add Fish to my Reef tank. Will trade corals for fish. Must be reef safe. Let me know what you have.
  3. Driveway Heat and Alk Problem

    I have been using Driveway Heat for over 2 years now, without any problems to control my calcium levels. Well I ran out of my old bottles and purchased new ones at a local gas station. I used 1- 9.5 Lb jug and noticed that my alk readings in my tank had dropped, but calcium levels were stable...
  4. It's been a while

    It's been a hectic couple of moths but I managed to get thru it. I am here to stay, and if I can help in any way, please don't be afraid to ask.
  5. Richies Reef Breakdown

    CLICK FOR VIDEO All other pics of coral, fish, and equipment is available on my photobucket site. This is killing me to do this,so Please keep all inquirees to pm. And only if you are serious. A lot of the coral...
  6. Richies Reef Breakdown

    As some of you might know that I was involved in a car accident in October, since that time I have not been able to return to work full duty. during this time I had many obligations to pay back loans, and bills, which I have not yet met. I have no choice but to break down the 450 to achieve...
  7. Equipment For Sale

    1- MP-40W- $350 1- MP-60 WES- $550 1- MP-60 WES wet side and dry side only- $350 4- Luminarc Reflectors single ended with Reef Brite Ballast 400 Watt.- $50 each 1- Blue Line 55, 1100 GPH - $150 Pick Up Only, 10314
  8. Gas and Food tweets in Staten Island
  9. Tweets of gas and food in staten island
  10. Here to Help you guys

    To the members of MR. I know I have not been here a while. And I am sad to see what is going on especially with Sandy that hit us pretty hard. With that said, If any one needs anything, I am here for you guys. My tank is up and running thanks to Nottick, for coming by and lending me his...
  11. New Led Question

    Since my last project of leds didn't pan out, because of price. going to do something else, as I was doing my research again I came across these leds, it seems they are chinese made but from what I have gathered they use cree leds, and have great par readings, even at 30". Has any one came...
  12. Rbta

    I have it under 4 X 400 watt 20k Ushio MH with led supplements. I got this RBTA over 2 years ago and it split on me 4 times already, I still have the original one in the tank. I have provided a pic of it. Rules: 1: You must be an ACTIVE member on MR in good standing. With at least 50 post in...
  13. Limo Needed

    Hey gang, looking to see if any one here has or has dealt with a Limo company. My daughter needs to rent one for her prom. She was thinking something that would seat 20 people. Thanks Richie
  14. ORA Midnight pair

    I have a pair of ORA Midnight clowns, Bought them hopping they would be okay with my Photons, But the photons rule the tank. asking $150.00.
  15. MR Members!! Thank You

    This site is not just about reefing, but about friendship. Last night was the big event, my daughters sweet sixteen. Without the help of this site, or its members it would have never happened. I would like to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Marcin and Kamila, for not sitting down 5...
  16. Photographer

    I know their are members here that are great photographers, due to certain circumstances I had to cancel my photographer for my daughters sweet sixteen. I would like to know if anyone is interested in taking some pictures on this special occasion. Her theme is for this occasion is fashion...
  17. MP60, Tek T5, Nextreef Reactor, Ballast

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to part with some of my equipment to raise cash. I have 2 MP60 bought back new back in March. selling for $650 each. 2 nextreef reactors also bought new back in March a MR1, and a SMR1 $75 each 1- 5' Tek5 6x80w T5 used 1 month with bulbs $400 4- 400 watt...
  18. Starting a Zoanthid Tank

    I have an extra 10 gallon tank laying around and collecting dust, I would like to tie this into my existing setup. I did my research and would like to hear your opinion. 1- What kind of lighting do you use? 2- Do you have a sand bed? 3- What kind of flow are you using? If their is something...
  19. Blue Hippo and Darwin clowns.

    Thanks to Edward86, I am the proud owner of a 1" baby Blue Hippo. I think she is to small know to go into my dt, so I decided to put her in my display fuge. I have noticed that she is always traveling with the clowns, even goes in the anenome, but for some reason the female clown keeps pushing...
  20. Shell for Hercules

    Hey gang, before I head out to all the lfs's around the tri-state area looking for a shell, maybe some one has one laying around. Hercules needs a new shell, it has to be bigger then a softball if anyone has one laying around please pm me. Here is Hercules as of last month, just to give you an idea.