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  1. Eheim 1262 impeller shaft

    Hey I know it's a long shot but wondering if anyone has a 1262 impeller shaft only. I don't need the magnet and prop. Figured ide ask here before ordering. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Beautiful Aussie Acros @ Pets Warehouse

    I just wanted to say that there was a great selection of acros at Pets Warehouse today. Special thanks to Rich for cutting some frags of the Lemon Frost today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. MP10 Housing

    Whats up fellow reefers. I though I didnt need to secure my mp10's to the tank because they ran for a long time without falling. That streak of luck just ended:smash: Does anyone out there have a dry side thats broken or really noisy and hanging around doing nothing? Im interested in it for...
  4. WTB Sicce Synchra 2.0-3.5

    Whats up MR As the title states looking for a SICCE Synchra 2.0-3.5. Let me know what you have and what you want. Open to trades as well.
  5. A Reefers Nightmare

    I was checking out the weather for a fishing trip on Monday and saw this video. Defiantly a reefers nightmare. I dont see any fish in the video but its hard to tell. added a better link
  6. Id

    Hey MR Looking for help with identifying this coral. Sorry for the bad pic I don't have a DSLR. The coral is mostly green with purplish tips. The polyps are on the thin side and neon green/yellowish. Been looking around online but I can't seem to find anything that looks quite like this piece...
  7. One of my purple firefish in hiding

    Hey MR I have a pair of purple fire fish. I started out with 4 about 13 months ago. I was down to 3 within a month. From 3 I was down to two about 8 months ago. Within the past 2 weeks I noticed that one of the fire fish is hiding under a rock. It comes out to feed, but does not freely swim...
  8. Reef Brite Blinking

    HEY MR Anyone ever experience their reef brite blinking? I have a 36" fixture that is blinking on and off aprox 3 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Reef Brite said the power supply is bad. I was wondering if anyone else had this happen? I am skeptical of buying a new power supply and having...
  9. New acro

    This is the new WTB acro. Get em while they're hot!!
  10. 10 gallon sump

    Hey MR I previously posted this for sale as part of a package. Making room in the new year and this has to go. Not drilled $30 pickup only zip 11236. Open to throw cash on top of trade for an RODI booster pump.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving

    I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish all of you and your families a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
  12. 6x39 watt T5 Tek light for sale

    Up for sale 6x39 watt t5 light fixture. Comes with legs and bulbs. Asking $150 local pickup only in zip 11234.
  13. ATI 6x39w

    Like the title states looking to buy an ATI 6x39w fixture. I am being very specific about what I am looking for. Please don't waste your time or mine with other offers.
  14. Chiller repair

    Hey does anyone know someone who can repair a chiller? A friend of mine is in need of someone who can repair a unit.
  15. Stray voltage

    Greetings MR While doing a water change I noticed stray voltage in my DT. I felt the slight tingle of electricity not quite a hard shock but the presence of electricity. I quickly unplugged the pump from the new water resivour and the problem seemed to be solved. I have a GFCI adapter plugged...
  16. Aquarium log App

    I was wondering what apple compatible app people were using if any and what your experience is. I am mainly interested in keeping track of my parameters and dosing. So far it seems like aquarimate is probably the best option out but figured I would get the opinion of the community before I send...
  17. Apex help

    Hey mr I walked into my apt this morning and my return pump went off. I couldn't figure out why this happened. I noticed the outlet was programmed with the light control type maybe I did this by accident. Anyway this is how I'm programmed now. Someone with good apex knowledge please verify this...
  18. Fs/ft

    Price drop I have 3 nice ricordea frags for sale or trade. $5 each.
  19. Tang for trade

    I have a 4inch hippo tang I have had for 18 months. He started the size of a quarter and is now 4" or so. He has outgrown my system and I would like to see him go to a bigger home. I prefer to trade him for other reef safe fish, SPS, neptune breakout box, or $30 takes him. He is healthy and eats...
  20. Wrasse Help

    I added a pink marginal wrasse to my tank last night. I drip acclimated and fed right after introducing the fish. The wrasse ate when i fed the tank, but he was staying to the lower corner of the tank. Today my blue tang has been beating on the wrasse really bad. The wrasse has gone into hiding...