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  1. tubs of live rock

    ~20 lbs each $25 each
  2. Large Shelf rock

    Selling a large shelf rock - $ 30
  3. Galaxy S9 Plus (AT&T)

    Galaxy S9 Plus (AT&T) SOLD I have a used AT&T Galaxy S9 plus. It's got a small ding on the back - doesn't affect functionality. Will take $300.00 or trade for equally valued powerheads.
  4. wtt AI Hydra 26HD for Powerheads

    I have a black AI Hydra26 HD looking to trade for equally valued powerheads. To sell call it $300 shipped. Also have a 1/6 HD Chiller for trade
  5. MIM Fender Stratocaster

    Barely used, about 5 years old. MIM Fender Stratocaster (NOT SQUIRE CRAP). $ 400 or trade for wireless security system, good SLR or mirrorless setup, wavemakers, doser, just ask. Was $650 new.
  6. Question LED Lights

    the t247's are good inexpensive lights.
  7. Dell R720 Server - loaded

    Dell poweredge r720 64gb ram 2x 300gb 15k rpm SAS drives (raid 1) 4x 600gb 15k rpm SAS drives (raid 5) 2x Intel xeon e5-2680 @ 2.7 ghz (8 cores / 16 treads each) 2 x power supplies 4 x ethernet Dvd/rw Boots to Ubuntu server $ 1000 Open to trades
  8. 21" iMac

    Does not have the standard base stand - will include the wall mount Wireless mac keyboard & mouse Imac 21.5 inch (Late 2015) 1.6 ghz i5 8gb ram 1tb hd Bluetooth FaceTime camera USB 3 $450 or trade for controllable wavemakers
  9. High end Dell Server

    PowerEdge R720 Boots to Ubuntu H710P Raid Controller Raid 1 + Raid 5 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 2.70GHz, 20 M Cache, 8.0GT/s QPI, Turbo, 8 C, 130W, Max Mem 1600MHz (8 Cores / 16 Threads) 4 x DUAL IN-LINE MEMORY MODULE, 16G, 1333, 2RX4, 8, 240, R, LOW VOLTAGE 2 x 300G 15K SAS6 Drives (Raid 1) 4...
  10. Ameriwood Home Wildwood Aquarium Stand, 55 gallon

    I have a build, unused 55g stand for sale. I moved since I got it so it is all wrapped up in plastic in the garage. I went another direction. Cost $ 300+ looking for $ 225. It's a beautiful solid stand. It's brown...
  11. Used 1/6 HP Kryos Chiller

    selling my 1/6 HP Kryos Chiller - 350
  12. 2x Hidra 26HD Black

    2x Hidra 26HD Black Each 270 Shipped or 525 for Both shipped.
  13. DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal

    Selling my barely used DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal - retails for $ 125 - selling for $ 75 plus shipping. Will trade for reef equipment. need 2 x hydra 26 mounts, wave makers, dosing pumps, etc...
  14. Trade Vizio 43" 4K TV for AIO tank

    'Lo all. I upgraded my PC monitor so I no longer need this. Looking to trade my Vizio 43" 4K TV for a decent all in one tank - like an elios 20 or 30. The TV is capable of 4k @ 60Hrtz.
  15. wtb: Complete NANO setup

    Looking to buy a 20ish + Gal complete nano AIO setup with LED capable of softies.
  16. Divorce Flash Sale

    Selling my complete 120 system. Reef Octopus skimmer with new pump. 2 Eheim 150w heaters Autofeeder 2 x Jebao (I thiink rw-8) - real good flow. Stand & canopy 3 x AI Hidra 52's (non HD) with director loaded reefangel controller - 2 x 8 powerbars. multi water level monitors, 3 temp probes Jebao...
  17. name of shroom

    is there a name for these?
  18. 2017 Samsung Gear 360

    'Lo all I have a new-ish 2017 Samsung Gear 360. Used it once and decided that it is not for me. $ 100 shipping on your dime or pickup 06776
  19. Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet

    Selling a used Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet with 8gb SD card. Perfect condition, no scratches. Comes in original packaging. Will include a micro USB cable (didn't come with one). Will also include a 3d printed custom wall mount (green). $190
  20. DJI Phantom 3 Professional

    Phantom 3 Pro 2x battery 16gb sdcard Charger 300a Controller with range extender 2 set of props - 1 unopened set of camera filters Aluminum case Phantom flies - no blemishes or cracks. $550 pick up @ 06776