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  1. Pods

    Does anyone have any type of pods for sale? I want to get my tank heavily loaded with pods before I introduce a fish??? I got one emerald crab right now and my tank has been up for 4 days
  2. Tank Setup

    Will I still have a cycle if I used cured Live Rock??? A bucket full of Cured LR that sat out for 3-days without water then I had it sitting in saltwater for a week with a power head. Got 4 more LR that was only out of water for two hours and came with an emerald crab! As of right now RODI...
  3. Pods

    Does anyone have pods ???
  4. Anybody got Sand!??

    I need some Sand
  5. Freshwater Tank

    looking to buy some freshwater fish, inverts, plants, and accessories. i have a tank already. but i would like a HOB filter and refuge is possible. 917-885-1392
  6. Need new lighting

    Anyone selling an AI Prime HD ??
  7. Harlem

    Amy harlem reefers ??
  8. Ghost and Brine shrimp

    Ghost and Adult Brine shrimp, can they live in the sump/refugium
  9. Refugium

    Can ghost shrimp and adult brine shrimp reproduce in the sump/refuge??? Or will they eat and destroy the macroalage ?? Can they survive and naturally produce food to The DT I have some ghost shrimp in my refuge right now but I want to add more and adult brine
  10. Anyone Know somebody that knows somebody

    To complete my livestock list i need! 1. CUC - anyone selling inverts let me know (Cleaner Shrimp, Coral Banded, Emeralds, etc) 2. Baby Eel - smallest you can find - reef safe/fish safe 3. Mandarin either color! 4. Small yellow tang or blue hippo - maybe both 5. Small baby clowns - already...
  11. HOB Refuge wanted

    Anyone have a HOB refuge
  12. Anyone in Dallas or Irving Texas

    Flying out there today will be driving back to nyc on Sunday, anyone know of any fish stores in those areas?? 9178851392
  13. Cycle help

    My tank has been cycling since 9/20 I got live rock and live sand from an established tank that came with an infestation of bristle worms. I put the sand in my sump and the rock in my tank and Now they're in my display tank in my new black sand I bought from petco Should I worry about them...
  14. Insight

    It's been some years since I've been back, but umm this is my third tank. I have been cycling my tank since last Wednesday 9/20/2017. I 72 gallon bowfront Details: 40 pounds of Caribsea live black sand argonite 6 pieces of Live Rock - I need much more! Large shrimp buried in sand on day 4 One...
  15. Anyone live in or close to Harlem NYC

    I need live rock and live sand from a established tank! Or dry rock! Below is my setup day 3
  16. 55 gallon tank and metal stand

    $200.00 price neogotiable I'm located in Harlem NYC 10026 Pickup only Tank is in storage on 138th BX nyc Text me 917-885-1392 Dayday
  17. WTB: Does anyone have these items??!!

    Refugium mud Refugium light Live sand Live rock New Filter socks Refractometer I'm in Harlem NYC hmu text me 917-885-1392 - Dayday
  18. Tank 60 gallon rimless cube tank with Stand

    is this still available
  19. Invertebrates Needed

    Anyone got some Inverts for sale????
  20. Cycling 55g

    I have been cycling my 55g since Apr 24th and I added 3 pieces of shrimp to help feed the bacteria and I added a small bottle of nitrifying bacteria to help my dead LR and LS. Also I dosed the tank with 6 drops of pure ammonia yesterday and today. The smell has died down and the water had...