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  1. Super Bowl here we come!

    Lets go GAINTS, whoooooooo.
  2. And we're going to San Fransisco!

    Much respect to our NY Giants. What a performance and a outstanding job they did of beating the Packers. Here's to them :cheers:.
  3. SPS Coral In Our Reef Aquariums

    After some thought and consideration, I decide to start this thread. Here we can discuss several subjects on how we can better maintain healthy and thriving SPS coral. Btw, I would rather get hands-on opinions and easy to understand breakdowns of whatever topic we're on at that moment (for we...
  4. What do you guy think about this light fixture ?

    Found this thing around somewhere on the net, can't remember where. Lol... Love the quality, controls, and the whole modular thing (just awesome). PAR values are at levels where most of us maintaining SPS prefer as well. They do consume plenty of electricity, as most good LED light fixtures for...
  5. Pendants, Retro T5, and UV Sterilizer 4 sale

    2 - Sun Simple CoralVue pendants for DE bulbs 250/400 watt. $100 both or $65 each 1 - Retro CoralVue T5 48" 2 bulb unit. For $25 1 - Aqua Ultraviolet 25watt sterilizer. For $100 Will not ship, pick ups in Elizabeth NJ. PM if interested. Paypal available for hold.
  6. AirWaterIce RO/DI Unit

    In prestine condition with four months of use, for $100. This unit belongs to xPawelnyc and pick-up will have to be made in Rockaway Beach Queens, NY. He is looking fo a unit with a quicker production rate and is the only reason he is selling this one. If interested, please PM me and I'll will...
  7. "WYSIWYG" Coral Sale

    3" Tubb's Blue Green Birdsnest $20 SOLD 4" Panope Birdsnest $30 SOLD 4" (unknown) Stylo $20 SOLD 4" Pecan Stylo $15 SOLD 3" (unknown) Stylo $15 SOLD 3" (unknown) Stylo $15 Pickups in Elizabeth, Nj. Pm if interested. Paypal excepted for hold of any item.
  8. Red Reef Bugs

    Over the Thanksgiving holiday I purchased some acros at an lfs. Me being and idiot went home and didn't dip them. This past Wednesday I noticed one of them was not looking good. So I pulled out my LED flash light, turned off the lights, and started inspecting. I was really upset to have found...
  9. My 150 G

    The tank is a 60x24x25 with Starphire front and side panels from GlassGages. Stand and canopy also made by GassCages, but painted by a pro. Going to get started with the plumbing and electrical soon and will post some more pics when that's done.
  10. WTB Stylophoras and Seriatophoras

    Looking to complete my collection of birdsnets and catpaws. I already own most of them, so please pm me your pictures. Thank you
  11. Mixed Coral Sale

    White Polyp Seriatopora Hystrix (sps) 2 pieces - 3'' frag for $15 each Green Apple Cap (sps) 1 pieces - 3'' frag for $15 each Blue/Purple Actinodiscus (soft) 1 piece - about ten heads on 4x4'' rock for $15 Green & Purple Palythoa (soft) 1 piece - about ten buttons on 2x2 rock for $15...
  12. ASM G-3 Protein Skimmer w/Sedra 5000 pump

    $100. 1 year old, pick-up in Elizabeth, NJ. Pm if interested.
  13. My 120gl Mixed Reef

    Born April 20th of 2009, my baby is going to be 18 months soon. So, I decided to share some pictures of her progression in life. :party: 08/09 01/10 You will have to double click on the pic for lager view. Sorry, new at this.Thanks for wathching. :splitspin
  14. Chiller For sale

    JBJ Artic Mini 1/15 chiller. One year old, in great condition. $50 and pick up is in Elizabeth, NJ. Call 908-906-7276 or just PM. Thanks :splitspin
  15. Need replacement ASAP

    I just got in and my metal helide bulbs have gone bad (400 watt DE 14k). So, if any one knows where I can get a replacement bulbs fast, please contact me. Paul at 908-906-7276 or just PM me. Thanks
  16. For sale

    Lets see if i can get your attention this way.
  17. Help!

    A few days ago, I've noticed some small particles in the water. I tought nothing of it, and I still do. It looks to be some sort of spawning (I recently added a coco worm to the system).Ok, I know this isn't much but her it goes. They're about 1/16 of an inch long very thin and white in color. I...
  18. Corals up for Donation

    I live in Elizabeth NJ, so pick-up's are made in Elizabeth. Here's my number 908-906-7276, ask for Paul or just PM me. I'm not asking for anything, only a home for these corals. I hate to dispose of them :frown:.Keep checking on me, as I will post more when available. Here's what I have...