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  1. Aquarium deco f/s

    I need to clean up room of unused stuff I can ship these items out if interested but you will have to cover the cost take both for $40 PM is key so I can't do a pick up cause I'm not in NYC anymore currently in MA thanks for looking
  2. I need help with uploading Image's

    I've been trying to post up some Image's of My 6.5 Fluval Edge RR but it's just not working? I tried just attaching thumnails but that didn't work for me then I made my own album and the image's get duplicated ?? what I'm I doing wrong!:grumpy:
  3. My 6.5 Gallon Fluval Edge Upgrade

    My 6.5 Gallon Fluval Edge Upgrade RR Acrylic 15 G sump/refu It's been about a year now since I had my 6.5 gallon Fluval Edge, I decided to make it into a Nano tank my ex gave me the tank after we broke up I got the Dog and I kept tanks. I wouldn't have it any other way:rolleyes:, So after a...
  4. Im in need Of a 72 bowfront tank and black canopy

    I just picked up the stand last week I live in MA but Got lots of fam, all over NY so no problems picking up hit me back with pricing to ?? $$ O I and I got a 125 gallon that I need a black canopy for to my emails