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  1. Equipment Carbon doser regulator

    Anyone have a great condition carbon doser F/S? Lmk coming to the island most likely Sunday
  2. Coral F/S 10 frags of JF solar flare

    Going to be doing some cutting of this colony this week. Growing over my Superman acro. I should be able to cut 10 1” pieces . $70 a piece. I will be on LI and Brooklyn after the holidays. If anyone wants a piece I’ll either be in Lindenhurst on Long Island or bay ridge Brooklyn.
  3. 10+ years on MR and still have a tank roll call

    Ok let’s see who has been on this site 2009 and earlier and still has a tank running. Even those old lurkers post up. Not if you have been in the hobby for 10+. You have had to of been a member on here
  4. Snail prices

    What’s up with the price of snails? Before I left the hobby for 2 years snails were 75cents a piece. I got back in in 2018 and all snails are 2.99 a piece. Is there a shortage of snails I’m not aware of? Is it just this area of PA and NJ that they are so expensive?
  5. Looking for a apex PM1

    Anyone have one that is willing to ship lmk

    That’s all
  7. Coral F/S pearlberry

    $50 bucks for a nice multi branches pearlberry. Pick up at the swap. PayPal to hold unless I know you 😀
  8. Coral Large Tyree red dragon

    50 bucks. 3” frag of red dragon. P/U at the swap.
  9. Reborn calcium media

    looking for reborn. If you’re going to the swap hit me up. Need a few bags. 3 or 4
  10. Frag Swap Frags for swap

    Ok I can’t cut frags until I know people want them. I will cut to order no later then Monday the 6th. I want the frags to have time to heal. Reason why I won’t cut them is because around my area no one has a SPS tank and I don’t want to hold them till the next swap in May. All frags are 1” or...
  11. Anyone live close to the water gap in NJ?

    They are trying to get a club going in the northern area of the NJ area. If anyone lives close to the water gap send me a PM if you’re interested
  12. Kalk reactor

    Looking for a decent kalk reactor. Lmk what you got and price for it and if you can ship
  13. Is MR living in the past?

    Just wondering why MR the biggest web site for reef keeping in the tristate area has a program that way past its prime? I go to smaller sites and just their uploading for pics is so far ahead of this site. On here you can?t upload certain sizes and pics always come out sideways lol I don?t use...
  14. Clams for a copperband

    So I went out and picked up some clams for my new copperband. Nothing really in the tank for it to pick on. So I went and got clams from the grocery store. I don?t want my other fish to demolish the clam by breaking it open. So my idea is to drill a hole in its shell just big enough for the...
  15. Where to get a overflow box

    Picked up a nice frag tank at LIRA but has no overflow. I don?t want to just drill holes in the acrylic and put pipes in. I want a nice external overflow box I can permently add to this frag tank. Anyone know someone who makes them?
  16. Does anyone grow our colonies anymore?

    Does anyone grow out colonies anymore? So I left the hobby back in 2016, came back in 2018 to see guys who have been in the hobby for years still have just frags in their DT. Does anyone grow out their reefs anymore or is it all about cutting and selling? Is the need for the fad corals forcing...
  17. Rommel?s watermelon and rainbow loom

    Looking for these 2 pieces for the lira swap. If you have them send me a pm. Thank tou
  18. Looking for a blue milli at the LIRA swap

    Anyone have one? If so and you are going to the LIRA swap I would like to buy a frag.
  19. Just want to get a head count

    Anyone in the hobby in this area anymore lol. Let?s see who is still around
  20. WTB on Long Island birdsnests and cool caps

    On LI tonight into tomorrow and looking for ponape, BOP or any other nice birdsnests and some cool monti caps. Lmk what cha got. Hoping for all from 1 place