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  1. Assorted frags

    Anytime and thank you for coming by.
  2. Assorted frags

  3. Assorted frags

    Thank you
  4. Assorted frags

    Staten Island
  5. Assorted frags

    I did a lot of rescaping last week and have a bunch of frags from moving colonies around. I am posting them up for $10 a frag in order to clear some room. These frags are Pick up only in Staten Island (I cant drive and very rarely get off the island so i apologize in advance). I have some that I...
  6. Frags for Sale

    I have some frags up for sale. Pick up only in Staten Island. Price is $15 per frag unless otherwise stated below. Thank you in advance! - Mark $15 Frags Cornbread Rainbow Infusion 3p Nirvanas 3p, 3p, 4p, 4p, 5p JF Stargazers 5 frags, 5-10p each Tutti Frutti 3 frags, 8-10p each Tequila...
  7. Frags for sale

    Hey everyone I have some frags that are healed and ready to go. All frags are pick up only in Staten Island (sorry about that). $15 frags WWC Northern lights monti - 4 frags available JF Fruity pebbles monti - 2 frags available Yellow tip acro - 2 frags available Australian Delicate acro -...
  8. Assorted frags

    I have the following frags up for sale. Price is $15 per frag. Pick up in Staten Island only. All Zoas sold All Monti sold Milka Stylo 5 frags available (multi branch big pieces one has 8 branches and is 4 inches tall) I also have 3 Iron man mushrooms same price $15 each. Thank You Mark.
  9. Frags

    Hey everyone the following frags were pending and were never picked up. So I am relisting them. Pick-up only in Staten Island. All Frags listed are $15 per Frag. Thank you in advance. Mark All zoas are sold out Rainbow Monti 4 Frags Jedi Mind Trick 2 Frags Sour apple Birds nest 2 Frags
  10. Frags up for sale

    Hi all I have the following frags available for sale. Frags are $15 per frag but must be picked up in Staten Island. I cant drive yet so i'm stuck here lol. Thanks in advance Mark
  11. More Frags up for sale

    Hi everyone I have some more stuff up for sale. Pick up only in S.I. My apologies but I don't drive anymore do to medical reasons so I never get off the Island. $15 each Frag Frogspawn Frags 1-2 heads nice big size (sold out Green slimmer frag (1 available) Green deepwater acro frag (1...
  12. Frags for sale

    Hey everyone. I have some frags that have been growing for awhile and finally had some free time to post them. Zoa frags are all 5 to 10 polyps and all others are nice size frags. Frags are $15 each. Frags are pick up only in Staten Island since I don't get to travel off the island. Frags...
  13. Last big $10 frag sale for awhile

    Hey everyone I finished re-scaping my main tank and will let everything grow out for awhile so I will be taking my frag tank off line to change a bulkhead and then making it a anemone tank for my wife. As things grow out I will have a few frags here and there but not in the quantity I have been...
  14. Frags for sale

    All frags listed are $10. Pick up only in Staten Island. Cell phone pics below. Thank you in advance. Mark. Miami Hurricane chalice - 6 frags Dragon Soul favia - 3 frags Reverse Superman monti - 7 frags Sestosa monti - 2 frags Tubbs Stellar monti - 3 frags Sour Apple Birds Nest - 1 frags Birds...
  15. Frags for sale

    Hey all, I have another round of frags up for sale, pick up only in Staten Island, thank you in advance. Zoas frags are all multiple polyps anywhere from 3-4 to over 10. Price is $10 per frag on these that are listed. Frags Zoas Mohawks - 1 frags available CB Rainbow Infusions - 2 frags...
  16. Frag sale continued

    Hey all, I have some more frags up that are ready for sale. Pick up in Staten Island as I am almost never off the Island. Thank you in advance. $10 per frag Gatorade zoas 7-10p (4 frags available) Tuti frutti zoas around 10p (2 frags available) Wild fire zoas 5-8p (2 frags available)...
  17. Some frags for sale $10 each

    So I need to make room in the frag tank so these frags are for sale for $10 a frag. Thanks in advance, Pick up only in S.I. Frags Taquila sunrise zoas (between 7 and 12 zoas on each frag) - 3 frags left JF star gazers (Mulitple zoas on each frag) - 1 frags left Tutti Frutti zoas (between 7 and...
  18. Some frags for sale

    Just listing these to make some room. Spongodes monti 6x4 colony $30(pending) Pink Boo**** frag 4 eyes $75 Taquila sunrise zoas, 25 polyps $40(pending), 38 polyps $50. Pick up in S.I.. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the bad cell phone pics.
  19. Frags for sale

    I have some more frags up for sale. I need to make some room in my frag tank so price on these are $10 a frag. Pick up is in Staten Island. Thanks in advance. WWC Nothern lights montipora (2 available, 1 Sold) Spongodes montipora (2 available) Purple rim green cap (1 available) Purple center...
  20. Frags for sale

    I have the following frags up for sale, pick up in Staten Island only. Thanks in advance. Zoas CB Rainbow 6p $25(pending) CB Rainbow 6p $25 Everlasting GobStopper 6p $25(pending) Everlasting GobStopper 6p $25 Tutti Frutti 7p $20 Tutti Frutti 8p $20 Taquila Sunrise 8p $20 Taquila...