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  1. Reefbrites over the 400

    Amazing you still have the 50/50 I sold you?
  2. Question Pictures on Chrome For Android Unviewable

    Try using the default browser.
  3. Coral SPS envy / inspiration

    looks like he is using Aqua Illumination, nice tank I wouldn't frag nothing. :)
  4. Inverts harlequin shrimp wanted

    Salgado Aquatics has two.
  5. duromega

    Happy Birthday Mister marrone!!🎂🎂🎂

    Happy Birthday Mister marrone!!🎂🎂🎂
  6. New Stock List 10 / 1 / 19

    Thread moved to the right forum, very nice list!!
  7. Beautiful healthy Fox Face

    For Sale my 2 years old fox face fish aka ?el conejo? This fish is fat healthy eats everything and hates powder blue tangs, this is why he is going to a new home ;) $25 and its yours Eats everything
  8. Red Sea Filter Media Cup

    Hello Manhattan Reefs ! Purchased these to replace my filter socks Unfortunately these cups do not fit my Skimz Pro Sump Since the gab in the sump to fit the socks is less than 4? oh well , I will keep using socks and washing them Brand new Just tried and didn?t forced it They are...
  9. Duroraft Ultra Neon Green Star Polyps for Trade

    In need of the real state the original Duroraft GSP is up for trades, I love all corals including GSP So I am willing to trade for anything I do not have. Frags will be around 2x2 inches mat Pickup in 10022 Manhattan and 10472 Bronx Happy Reefing
  10. ReefBrite 60? TECH LED Actinic Strip

    Used and in great condition All LEDs are good , no burnout LEDs Original AC Adapter included. Asking $170 Actinic Blues FAQ: why you selling it ? I got new lights, radeon g4 will you ship? Yes if you give me a chance to find a box to fit it will you trade for coral? Not looking for...
  11. iPad 6th Gen 32GB New in Box

    Selling this iPad 6th Gen (Latest Model) 32 Gb Gold with box accessories and all documentation Apple Warranty WiFi and LTE $310 Shipping available
  12. Brand New Marineland 150 Gal.

    Posting this for a friend of mine. Brand new Includes Monterrey Stand and Canopy 36 x 36 x 27 For more info call or text (347) 691-0068? His name is David. $1,800 for all.
  13. Rock with some Zoanthids

    Hey Manhattan Reefs, I am selling one rock from my tank because I am redoing my aquascape The rock is about 8x10? and all I want is $20 bucks for ir or trade for a coral I don?t have. All these corals comes with the rock, but the toxic hammer Inf. Please PM ?? Thanks for your time...
  14. Live Rocks - Black Box LED - Halide Reflectors

    I am selling all my live rock at 50? a pound [3] Aquamars 165W Blackbox LED $40 each One of them only blue chanel works Metal Halide Reflectors $20 each DIY Cree LED Strip Royal Blue With Dimmer $50 For more info please PM [emoji396]
  15. WTB - Neon Green CandyCane

    Not the Green one, the neon almost yellow looking candy cane pictured above PM with info.
  16. ORA Neon Dottyback / Mistery Wrasse

    ORA Neon Dotty Back Fat like pig [emoji200] eats everything even rice $25 Mistery Wrasse (pic coming soon) 2 years old Fat like [emoji200] eats absolutely everything including cornflakes $80 pm for best communication
  17. 90G Tank / Stand / Plumbing / 36w UV / Shelf Rock / Return Pump

    My friend is moving and I am posting this for him 90G Reef Ready Tank Deep Blue Stand 36W Jebao UV unit Mag Return Pump (unknown model) Plumbing and two wave-makers 20G long sump few other stuff take all this for $100 bucks ???Free two Brute 20 gallon with purchase of rocks?? all...
  18. Hanna Phosphate Checker HI713

    selling my hanna PO4 checker $30 Pickup options 10025 (UWS) 10472 (BX) Paypal or chase to hold Thank you [emoji11]
  19. need room for new corals, some frags for sale/trade

    Toadstool Leather $OLD Rock with GSP/Kenya Three and Long Polyps Toadstool Sold Ducan $5 per head Green Candy Cane $5 x 2heads Yellow Polyps SOLD Purple Stylo $15 5" mini colonie by-color toxic neon hammer $10 per head Pink and Gold Paly FREE :teeth: - gone... Aussie Hammer...