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  1. Equipment Used Sea Swirl - $75

  2. Question Alk question

    But yes agree that 6.4 is too low for long term success
  3. Question Alk question

    I know Tropic Marin Pro Reef mixes at 7 and many believe thats one of the pinnacles of salt mixtures. Most ranges I see are 8-12dKH but stability is paramount
  4. Question Alk question

    100%. Stable alkalinity is major component of success. Some prefer high at 9.5, others 7.5. All depends on keeping that # level I would return back to original level slowly. That swing back to original may cause more damage as well. Good luck
  5. ID

    I believe thats a galaxea coral. LPS
  6. For Sale Never Used BRS Marco Rock - $80

    Clean pest free never seen water Marco Rock. 1x medium sized flat base rock. All other pieces are medium sized and unique. (About 8 in total) Rinsed with rodi water and stored dry since. Haven't weighed all but definitely over 35-40lbs A steal at $80. Pickup only. Container not included.
  7. Equipment Used Sea Swirl - $75

    Selling a previously used Sea Swirl. Still functions. Great for the right setup or someone lacking variable flow. I moved in a different direction.
  8. Coral GSP and Blue Dot Purple Shrooms Rock - $75

    Hey All, Selling a 5-6" pest free rock 65% covered with GSP, 25% covered with purple mushrooms with blue dots (probably about 15 total) and then 10% bare (the very bottom) Really cool piece for not having gsp take over your tank. Re-Did the scape and don't really have room for it Trades...
  9. ID on this guy

    I'd say a juvenile female anthias perhaps carberryi or lyretail
  10. Fish Copperband butterfly

    Def will be some competition with the zebrasoma genus. But I have one with a yellow and a desjardini sailfin. And he's now a monster aiptasia and bloodworm eater. Worth the risk imo. GL
  11. Urchins

    They are like velcro. Great cleanup crew tho. Can really get to some stubborn algae that even turbo snails won't touch. Alas, Always a catch. Keep him based on your needs. If you don't have a bad algae problem, i would consider selling if you have valuable corals that arent drilled into your...
  12. Pets Warehouse in Copiague

    Haha says the PA reefer! ;)
  13. Question Leaky Cepex True Union Ball Valves from BRS - Can They be Repaired?

    for anyone interested I tried everything. tried tightening like the video offered with the key provided. tried greasing the gaskets with silicone. tried new gaskets. only thing I can think of was when taken apart, I saw a small bit of pvc glue had snuck around gotten close to the gaskets but...
  14. blended BTA, recoverable?

    I would get a 50% water change going immediately. blended nems release toxins into the tank. run carbon, etc. and mostly likely its a goner. it needs its mouth to consume nutrients. if its that damaged with only 5% remaining, its a goner.
  15. Shoutout! Need peppermints

    Everything eats nudis. Peppermints, all wrasses that don't hide at night, copperbands, hawkfish, sally lightfoot crabs, etc. At $10 a pop and when 1 nudi eats about 1x aiptasia a week, chances are it'll get eaten before they can make a dent if you have any of these inhabitants. Island Fish and...
  16. Frag Farmers Market 2020

    yup. march 7th. can't wait. go every year
  17. Shoutout! Need peppermints

    Got some at Island Fish and Scale in Commack 2 weeks ago. Check them out. Good sizes too. Not thumbnail size like Algaebarn tried to pawn off on me
  18. For Sale Quoiyi parrotfish

    Oh noo. Sorry to see him go. Good Luck Tom
  19. Question Pictures on Chrome For Android Unviewable

    So someone else told me to click on the thumbnails link not that picture itself and that works