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  1. Breaking down my tank

    Here are the Clowns.
  2. Breaking down my tank

    2 Tunze 6045 power heads they both come with the silence c clamps. 55.00 each or both for 100.00 Three black Percula clown fish 50.00 all. Bucket full of rock free. Deltec MC 500. 200.00 Thanku. Pics later.
  3. Picotope with aqua clear filter and led

    Picture speaks for itself. Pico is 3 gallons it has a aqua clear filter and a led light it can be changed from white or blue or both. Im asking for 60 buxx. Wont part it out. Set up is a year old. Thank You
  4. Why no pics?

    I havent been on here for a while so i really dont know what changes,if any were made. For some reason there is a lot of sellers posting items or fish for sale with no pictures. I at one time posted a free frag thread with no pictures, but i was giving stuff away for free. I hope you all can...
  5. Looking for an R/O filter

    Guys i need to buy one. I want a good non branded one i havent been here in a while so i forgot the generic good one that everyone buys. Thanku all for the help.
  6. Wanted ro water

    I having need ro water. I need 10 gallons if anyone wnts to sell in brooklyn ill ome and get it. Thanku.
  7. Deltec skimmer help

    I have a deltec 600mce for some reason the water is pumping out too strong. This is happening even if i try to control the air tube on it. If anyone is familiar with this please help thanku
  8. FREE freshwater fish

    I have a friend that has 4 cichlids and a catfish she wants to get rid of them . if anyone wants them let me know and u can meet up with her and get them.
  9. chiller help

    i would like to buy a chiller. i do not want one that goes in a sump. any help would be great. thanku
  10. does vodka, hyro-peroxide really work?

    if so does anyone have before and after pics? not pics from other sites i couldnt care about them. i mean people on manhattan reefs only.
  11. Put some pics up of your tank

    i would like to see the members updated tank pictures. i will do the same during the week.
  12. Orange and Green Monti Mini Colonies and Frags for sale,also a idaho grape frag

    I broke up some of my corals. They are taking too much space. I do this 3 times a year, i think. All my frags come from a 10 year old tank. These are nice pieces they arent brittle. If you bought from me before, back me up on this. Everything is pick up only. If u spend more than 75 dollars...
  13. looking to trade orange monti frag or buying hermit crabs

    i need hermit crabs title says all i ave a nice frag which i would usually sell for 20 and another which i would usually sell for 15 the most ill pay for the crabs is 1.00-1.25 let me know email me on i really want tot deal with people in brooklyn because i dont want too...
  14. fishtown platinum clownfish

    fishtown usa had platinum clowns today. there were six of them. they were very little and they cost 200 buxx each. i think for half or more than half i would want the black perculas, but the platinums were very cool looking.
  15. 400 watt metal halide fixture for sale

    400 watt metal halide light fixture comes with a 6 month old Radium bulb. Its crispy bluish white. I dont know if its 12k or 14k. My hard corals really popped with this bulb but it was too strong for my room and my soft corals. the fixture is in excellent condition. Im looking to get...
  16. Orange Monti Mini Colonies and Frags for sale

    I have some nice pieces for sale today. Everything is pick up at 11204 Brooklyn. I been selling these for a few years now what you see in the pic is better in person. Everything is under 150w hqi. The better the lighting and conditions the darker they will be.. The egg crate holding the pcs...
  17. free orange monti frags

    i have at least 10 pcs to give away if anyone wants let me know..i also have some very big frags for sale starting next week if anyone is interested my mother colony fell on the floor and broke so i have a lot of small frags to give away pm me this is pick up only i am not meeting anyone...
  18. What are you bringing to the swap.

    i might actually be off this coming frag swap and i am hoping to be there so i am wondering what i will be getting the chance to buy. i am looking for chalices and an rtb or a blue anemone for my clownfish.. anyway thanku all.
  19. Non fish help Macbook pro help wanted

    since i been on here a long time i trust your input so maybe someone can help me here.. i have a macbook pro the mouse all of a sudden got wierd on me i hook up an external mouse and its the same shit.. does anyone know wat the f is going on.. i am about to go nuts thanku in advance for the help...