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  1. Beautiful Radiant Wrasse's from Kenya $69.99

    We got in some fish from Kenya last week, and included were some very healthy Radiant Wrasses that were eating . We got in 10 sold 4 yesterday. Not your everyday wrasse one of my favorites
  2. Reef-A-Palooza Booth 702 June 23/24

    Hi Reefers We are loaded with frags, colonies and over 70 rainbow flower nems, something for everyone Stop by and say Hello we are booth 702 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sring into summer sale 5-11 thru 5-13

  4. New Additions Two Tone Wrasse and Torpedo Wrasse

    Hi, in my quest to own every wrasse out there I tried 2 uncommon wrasse's a few weeks ago. One was the Two Tone Wrasse (Halichoeres prosopeion) and a member of the Torpedo Wrasse family (Pseudocoris P. yamashiroi) Both are in my soft coral tank and are eating mysis and pellets. I have attached...
  5. MTC Mini Calcium Reactor with Carbon Doser Regulator

    Hi I am selling my dual MTC calcium Reactor set-up. It runs fantastic, no leaks ready to use. This is what is included. It is rated for 200 gallons $450 1) MTC Mini Calcium Reactor with Eheim pump 2) Carbon Doser Digital regulator 3) Tank of co2 (half full) 4) 5 lbs of washed ARM media...
  6. We are loaded with fish and corals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi MR members We are a spectacular assortment of fish, corals and inverts in stock Listed below is just a partial list of our fish and invert inventory as of last night SUNDAY 9-10-17 FISH, INVERTS:bigeyes2: 12 BANGGAI CARDINALFISH 2 ACHILLES TANGS 3 ANEMONE SHRIMPS 6 BARTLETT ANTHIAS 3...
  7. Koi Tangs, Mustard Tangs and more 3-12-17

    Hi Mr Members We have some super rare fish coming in from Jakarta tomorrow, 3 Koi Tangs,4 Mustard Tangs and 1 rare Twoeye Coralfish (Coradion melanopus) We also have a large Hawaii shipment coming in I have attached an actual picture of one of the Koi Tangs
  8. 144 Gallon Oceanic Half Round Tank and Stand

    Hi I am posting this for a friend, he is selling his Oceanic 144 gallon Half Circle RR tank and stand. It is Cherry wood and in good condition . I have attached a link . He is asking $1250 obo /FONT]
  9. Orange Back Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis)

    Take a look at this beauty
  10. White Tailed Yellow Eye Tang (Ctenochaetus flavicauda)

    Super Rare White Tailed Yellow Eye Bristletooth Tang (Ctenochaetus flavicauda) from Tahiti Eating and ready to go
  11. WYSIWYG Corals 2-17-17

    Hi MR Members We are getting over 85 corals in tomorrow and some of them are WYSIWYG. I am attaching the photo's of some of these corals. We also have many more corals and hundreds of frags starting at $7.99 plus SPS frags and colonies from Australia, Fiji and Bali We are loaded,come on by...
  12. Aquarium Village Coral Overload 2-5-17

    Hello MR We got some amazing shipments this week from Australia, Bali, and Fiji . The Acro's from Fiji and Australia are awesome and the Yellow and Green leathers from Fiji are popping Additionally we got Hammers, Torches and Frogspawn ranging in color from green to orange We also have Kevin...
  13. Aquarium Village got in some beautiful Fiji SPS

    Hi Aquarium Village got in 25 Fiji wild SPS colonies, they are really beautiful
  14. Kevin joins Aquarium Village Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We, at Aquarium Village, are very happy to announce that we have hired Kevin Apsley. We think that Kevin will make a great addition to our already great team. We look forward to benefiting from his experience and expertise in the hobby. At Aquarium Village we are always striving to make...
  15. African Shipment in the house 12-19-16

    Hi MR Members We received a beautiful African shipment on Monday night. All the fish have acclimated and are eating mysis shrimp, listed below is our current inventory AFRICA 12-19-16 4 Blue Star Leopard (F) Macropharyngodon-bipartitus $29.99 2 Blue Star Leopard (M)...
  16. Blueline 55 pump, Reef Dynamic 250 bio-pellet, more

    Hi A friend of mine has up graded his set-ups and has some equipment for sale PRICES DROPPED 1-Blueline 55 External Pump $185 SOLD 1-Reef Dynamics Bio Pellet Reactor 250- $125 this is the large model SOLD 1-Aqua Euro 200 Cone Skimmer- $125 1-Tenecor Custom Sump $45 All equipment is in...
  17. Magma adult males in stock

    Magma Wrasses in the house
  18. Large Jakarta Coral Shipment 10-2 Pics

    Hi MR Members We have a large shipment of Jakarta Coral coming in tomorrow. I have included some pictures of the WYSIWYG corals. These pieces will range from $59.99 to $99.99. First come first serve on the WYSIWYG corals but the same prices will be in effect similar corals at the store We also...
  19. Tangs Alot Special

    Hi We got in a nice shipment from Red Sea and SriLanka yesterday 12 Purple Tangs 1.5-3"(perfect size) $89.99 12 Powder Blue Tangs 3.5-5" $59.99 6 Clown Tangs 3-4.5" $44.99 3 Maculicep Tangs 3.5-6" $ 99.99 2 Red Sea Regals 3.5"- 6" $159.99 3 Bellus Angels (f) 2.5-3" $69.99 Thanks for looking AV
  20. End of Summer Livestock Mania 9-16 thru 9-18

    Hi MR Members We are having an end of Summer Special or as I like to call it Livestock Mania!!!! Stock List $9.99 Lubbock Fairy Wrasse Filamentous Fairy Wrasse Carpenters Fairy Wrasse Walsh's Fairy Wrasse Rainbow Cleaner Wrasse White Sand Sifting Gobies Orange Skunk Clownfish Saddle...