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  1. Coral low-high end ZOAS cheap!

    Where are you located?
  2. Frag Swap RSVP NOW: Manhattan Reefs Frag Swap - Sunday November 17th

    For the under 16. Is there a reservation for them or just take them along?
  3. Assorted frags

    Ive got a few things for sale Zoa: CC Tutti frutti cluster- $70 Red hornets 17p - $100 1p- $10 Pink with green center- $15 (x3) Cb rainbow infusion 4p- $30 Sps: Pocilliopora mini colony: $30 Forest fire digi cut to order approx 1 inch- $15 Green digi approx 1 inch cut to order- $10 Purple...
  4. Wtb montipora

    Looking for monti undata or any unique growing monti
  5. WTB or trade mary jane or rainbow hornets

    Wtb rainbow hornets or mary jame zoa
  6. Has anyone attempted to breed royal grammas?

    I want to start breeding fish but I want to breed something different. I was wondering if anyone has attempted to breed royal grammas, if so, is there any tips? I?ve been doing a lot of research and have a basic understanding of the fish but not how to set them up
  7. A few pieces for sale

    Trying to clear up a little space I have Hells gate acan enchinata- $20 Orange, green, purple acan enchinata-$20 POTO the Phoenix bowerbanki- $30 POTO cherry tree cyphastrea- $30 Red hornt zoas-$35 Still having issues getting pictures up. 917-776-2901
  8. 2 frags fs

    I have a super sayian zoas and POTO ENT acro frag $15 each. Won?t let me upload. 917-776-2901
  9. Looking for monti cap and birds nest

    Looking for green cap with orange polyps or any other cap with different colored polyps and enchanted birdsnest
  10. Looking for enchanted birdsnest

    Looking for enchanted birdsnest
  11. Coral f/s

    I have a few things for sale Red planet colony- $100 Red snake polyp-$10 Rasta-$10 Super saiyan zoa-$10 JF stargazer mini colony-$75 John deere lepta-$10 The pictures won?t upload. Text me if interested 917-776-2901
  12. Coral sps/lps

    Some coral for sale Cali tort colony $125 Red plant with pink sakura paly $100 John deere lepta $15 Orange lepta $15 Having issues with uploading pictures. Text me if interested 917-776-2901 Will try uploading
  13. Coral f/s

    I have an acro, no idea the name. $15 And fascination favia $60
  14. coral F/S

    I'm looking to sell some things because my 30gal is getting packed out jf sunset stylocoeniella- $100 jf outer space psammo-$100 pink stylocoeniella-$25 favia (fascination favia i believe)-$30 red planet milli-$15 tubbs stellata monti-$15 cali tort acro(square)-$20 cali tort acro(disk)-$25
  15. Favia receding

    I have other favias in the tank and all growing and doing fine. Is it possible that too much water flow cause a favia to start pulling away from its skeleton? It puffs up every day and eats well. I can?t think of anything else it could be
  16. Monti

    Looking for monti caps (ex. Red w/ white polyps, geen w/orange polyp. Cold fusion or grafted. Sunburst etc)
  17. Cali tort

    I have two pieces of cali tort. Bigger on is $20 smaller is $15
  18. water turnover rate

    I was curious and can't seem to find a direct answer online. My canister was being blocked so water flow was greatly reduced. I didnt realize at first due to school and work and other life things taking my attention. I had a few acros and montis developed stn/rtn. I was checking everything and...
  19. broken powerheads

    looking for broken powerheads that have a magnet base
  20. coral f/s

    spongodes monti- $30 green lepto-$35 green pocillopora-$20 chalice- $15