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  1. Teco Seachill TR5 1/12hp chiller (NEW)

    I am selling a brand new Teco Seachill TR5 1/12hp chiller. Rated for aquariums up to 60 gallons. It has never been removed from the box. The retail price is $500. I am selling for $425 shipped obo
  2. Halo Reach

    I havnt turned on the xbox (for gaming) in over a year but the new Halo release is bringing me out of retirement. Is anyone picking it up tomorrow? Sent from my iPhone using Reefs
  3. Netflix now streaming on iPhone!

    I downloaded this app today and played with it. It even streams well on 3G. This app is awesome. I highly recommend it if you have netflix...and an iPhone. Sent from my iPhone using Reefs
  4. iPhone 4

    I can't wait. The preorder begins June 15. It's a big leap from my original 2G iPhone I have been using for the last 3+ years. Front facing camera for video conferencing, super high resolution screen, 720p video camera, and 40% more battery life than 3GS all in a slimmer sleeker phone. I...
  5. The new iphone prototype...left on barstool. this looks awesome. will finally be upgrading my old 1st Gen iphone this summer! Sucks for the kid that lost it, he'll probably get fired.
  6. Do Acanthurus Tennenti need meat in their diet

    Hi all, I have an acanthurus tennenti (lieutenant tang) and have been feeding him nori every day. He has the tank to himself right now. I know Tangs will eat meaty foods sometimes when you feed the other carniverous fish. But since he is the only fish in the tank, his diet has been strictly...
  7. Wes's "Raleighwood" 250g In-Wall Build

    Hi All, Construction began today on my 250g in-wall build. The tank is a 250g Marineland Deep Dimension w/ Starphire front. The tank will be located in the garage and viewable from the living room. Here is some of the equipment. Tank: Marineland 250g Tank (60 x 36 x 27) Skimmer: Super...
  8. Same Tank, Different Place

    Took some pics of my tank today. I havn't taken any since i broke it down and moved everything to Raleigh, NC. I am not very good at photography and i get a wicked glare from all the windows in the office where the tank is now located, so bear with me.
  9. "My Miami" chalice

  10. 300g FOWLR Equipment Suggestions

    Hi Everyone, I am planning/pricing out a 300g in-wall setup in my new house. It might be a while before it is done. Still in the early stages of planning and a new-born baby is keeping us pretty busy. Anyway, I originally wanted a in-wall reef. But keeping it FOWLR is sort of a compromise...
  11. FS: 54g AGA Reef Ready System

    I am posting this for a friend who is looking to sell up please contact him by phone with your inquiries. -Wes For Sale: 54 gallon Corner salt water fish (tank/filter/lights/stand) The following is included: 1-54 gallon corner tank (38 x 27 x 22) with stand. Tank has one over flow system...
  12. Purple LTA w/ A. Nigripes

    Purple LTA w/ male A. Nigripes.
  13. Slow Continuous Coral Death

    Hi everyone. This has been an ongoing problem for me over the last 2 months. Slowly, one by one my corals are dying off. I can't figure this out for the life of me. All params check out. I have dipped several dead/dying corals in Tropic Marin coral cure and no pests have fallen off. Ca...
  14. WTB Blue or Green Gigantea Anemone

    Looking for a Gigantea Anemone, preferably blue. If anyone has one or if any vendor can order one, please let me know. Thanks, Wes
  15. 210g in Lanoka Harbor, NJ

    I am posting this for a friend who is selling a 210g tank in Lanoka Harbor (Lacey Township), NJ. The tank is 84x24x24 and includes everything in the picture. Pickup Only. He wants $500 obo. Send PM for his phone number.
  16. From Walt Smith Regarding the Tonga Live Rock Ban

    Found this posted on Reef Central by Walt Smith. Hi All, Since I was asked to weigh in on this issue and possibly shine some light on the facts I am happy to oblige. It is true; the rock ban goes into effect on August 4th. Our only hope at this point is a proposal I have sent to Fisheries that...
  17. NC Fishing Trip

    Went on a fishing trip while we were in NC for the holiday weekend on a friend of the family's 55ft boat. We were about 30-40 miles off the coast of Moorehead City, NC in these pics. Here are some pics of the catch. My wife got first bite of the day, this is what she ended up with. Dolphin...
  18. Microsoft Surface
  19. PM's full

    Stan I tried to send you PM this morning but your mailbox is full. Wes
  20. Wtb: Ora Pearl Berry Acropora

    If anyone can get me one of these from ORA please let me know. :thanks: