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  1. Free flipper cleaner?! Oh yea! - Instagram!

    To anyone who is following my Instagram @ReefDudes today is the last day to enter to win an awesome flipper cleaner. I'm going to get crazy and try steaming the draw to Instagram and YouTube tonight! If any of you guys regularly post wonderful coral pics to Instagram be...
  2. DIY Chaeto Reactor

    This was actually an extremely simple build! I wanted to free up a chamber of my sump for a frag section... so I decided to migrate from a standard Refugium to a chaeto reactor! Using an old vertex reactor and some cheap led strip lights I was able to quickly build this awesome chaetomorpha...
  3. PH made simple: what is it and how do you raise it

    Ph is one of those things that is rarely tested (unless you have controller). I find one group completely ignores it and the other half chases that magical idea range. Eric wrote in with some question on PH so I made a video responds and figured I would share it to give everyone a good...
  4. The Nitrogen Cycle explained

    Understanding the nitrogen cycles is essential for every new aquarist! Be sure you fully understand this when setting up a new tank regardless of if it's fresh or salt water
  5. A little eye candy

    A few clips while visiting one of my favourite out of town LFS's. So many temptations! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Anyone using nano scrubbing bubbles?

    So I know the nano scrubbing thing was a craze last summer however I finally started to try it have been micro bubble scrubbing for about 6 weeks now and am curious to hear the experience of others who are using this method
  7. Voice controlled tank automation!

    I decided to step up my tank automation by adding voice control! It's amazingly handy to start feed mode when your hands are full or wet and in the tank
  8. How To: Hide your auto feeder!

    Learn how to hide that bulky auto feeder and keep your tank looking sleek!
  9. $6 DIY Dosing pump - dosing in style!

    I decided to start the Red Sea coral colors program and need something that looked good inside of my stand.. so I came up with these classy looking dosing containers that only cost about $6 each to make. Dose classy my friends! Check out the build video