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  1. 75G non reef aquarium with.... for SALE

    Hi All, I'm moving out of state on Job and have to be out of hobby for sometime. I cannot take my tank with me and want to sell it for $400.00 it includes the following. 1. 75 G non reef tank. 2. 10G sump. 3. Protein Skimmer. 4. Dry Rocks about more or less to 100 lbs (Pls bring your own...
  2. Yellow in 10G tank?????

    My friend has 10 G tank. One of LFS told him to add yellow tang in 10G tank. Can we add yellow tang in 10G tank??
  3. ID please

    It is growing all around the rocks. Is it good or bad ?
  4. Found some interesting on Craigslist
  5. Feeding fish during vacation?

    Hi All, I just want to know how to feed the fish when we go for long vacation, like 2 - 3 weeks. Is it good idea to buy the food feeder and setup the timmer. Thanks in advance
  6. Need Help for 75 G lighting.

    Hi, It has been 5months since i started 75 G tank FOWLR with regular florescent light. Now i want to upgrade my lighting. My Question is can i use 36" 4x39w with LEDs instead of 48'' 6xetc.. Thanks in advance.