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  1. Coral WTB mini red carpet anemone

    Looking for a mini red carpet anemone. The little ones that stay about an 1.5" NOT a maxi mini carpet. If you have one let me know - Joe 718 757-7112
  2. Coral Frags for sale/trade in oyster bay

    Hey, I have several frags for sale or trade in oyster bay LI. Also have a few Rainbow BTA's for $70 each - Joe 718 757-7112
  3. Coral Forest Fire mushrooms $20

    I've got a lot of forest fire mushrooms for sale or trade. $20 each mushroom. First pic is with a filter. Pick up in Oyster Bay 11732. Also, that's a 2" frag tile. They are not tiny! - Joe 718 757-7112
  4. Rock flower nems for trade or sale from $20-$40

    I'm selling some rock flower nems priced from 20-40 depending on size and color. Anything that's not on a rock is for sale. Would also trade for other corals. Also have a maxi mini carpet in there for $15 Pick up ONLY in 11732 - Joe 718 757-7112
  5. Two free Orange line Chromis in Oyster Bay

    I have two orange line Chromis free in Oyster Bay. They are about 3 inches long, fat, and healthy. Pick up only. Also have a green damsel for free if I can catch it! Text for pics - Joe 718 757-7112
  6. Jawbreaker at AMA for $75

    Just as an FYI i just got a jawbreaker at AMA for $75. They had one left
  7. BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor trade for frags.

    Hey I have an extra BRS dual GFO and Carbon reactor- the set without the pump. Brand new, never used, with everything that comes from BRS. Would like to trade it for frags. E-mail pics of what you have to - Joe
  8. Couple nems for sale/trade in Oyster Bay

    I have a maxi-mini carpet about 2.5" for $25. Also have a mini red carpet about 1.5" (seems to stay this size) for $50. If you have any trades send pics to Located in Oyster Bay LI 11732
  9. Some corals for sale/trade in Oyster Bay

    Have some corals for sale or trade in Oyster Bay. Don't know the names of all of them. If you have a trade e-mail some pics to - Joe B- Maxi-Min anemone $30 C- about 2.5" around $ 15 D- Incredible Hulk Paly. About 10 polyps $20 SOLD**** E- Zoa colony...
  10. Free Chaeto in Oyster Bay

    Just what it says. I have free Chaeto in Oyster Bay Joe
  11. Clown for sale or trade?

    I've got an ocellaris clownfish I'm looking to sell. About 1.5". $10 or possible trade for a frag. Located in Oyster Bay L.I. - Joe
  12. WTB pink toadstool leather

    Looking to buy a pink toadstool leather. Would take a med piece down to a frag. - Joe
  13. Help with return pump

    I'm redoing my sump and want to change to an external return pump. I have a 90 gal sump in my basement and the water must go up about 10 feet before reaching the display. Tank is a 56 gal column reef. I'm not sure how to figure out how much flow I need at that head height. Any...
  14. Canary Blenny with small inverts???

    I'm thinking about adding a Canary Blenny to my 56g reef. Do you guys think it will be ok with small inverts like sexy shrimp and porcelain crabs?
  15. Pistol Shrimp $10 Oyster Bay

    I've had this guy for a year or 2. It never bonded with a shrimp goby but is very active and is all over my tank. May have taken out a few snails along the way. $10 or trade for ? Located in Oyster Bay, LI. E-mail
  16. free chaeto

    free chaeto in Oyster Bay. softball size or so.... almost always available. Helping out the community
  17. free clownfish in Oyster Bay

    I've got a clown (don't remember if it's ocellaris or percula) that I'm looking to rehome. Very healthy, have had it a couple years now. Would accept a frag in trade but not necessary. Located in Oyster Bay 11732 E-mail - Joe