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  1. chiller

    Looking for a small and quiet chiller for my 20 gallon. Any recommendation. Thanks in advance!
  2. Recommendation for quiet return pump

    Just bought IM 20 Gallon NUVO Fusion Peninsula. The stock return pump (211 GPH) is very noisy, any recommendation for replacement pump with quiet operation? Is Sicce same as Tunze? Thanks!
  3. Small tank recommendation

    Planning to start a small tank without crazy price tag, ~ 20 g to 30 g. Down to the following 2 choices: JBJ 30 G rimless vs Innovative Marine NUVO 20 G. Any recommendation??
  4. fish and shrimp pack

    a, small african flameback angelfish b, small flame angelfish c, one pair of harlequin shrimps $120 take all. P/u Staten Island They are eating well. Both angelfishes are in my tank for more than 6 months and very healthy. I have the Harlequin pair for more than a year.
  5. for sale

    Will be at swap early for ~2 hours only. If interest and able to meet early, please PM or text me JF Jack-o-Lantern big colony: Not for sale anymore: will use for re-scape my tank Ponape birdnest: sold Mindblowing paly colony: Nuclear death colony: Caption America colony: sold electric...
  6. wrasse info

    Looking to add either rhomboid or lineatus fairy wrasse. Which one has better color and less aggressive? Any recommendation. Did they tolerate shallow sand bed or just need good rocky hiding place?
  7. frag for sale: good price :)

    P.S. Only able stay from 10 to 11 am at swap this time:( (need to p/u mother-in-law for lunch - pre mother day celebration per my wife :) ) Please pm only if we can meet at that time only! Tyree setosa multibranch ~2 inch: $5 yc 1 hold, yc-2 sold for Harlem20 Ora purple stylo ~1 inch...
  8. Free Mohawk zoanthid

    as stated, Free Monhawk zoanthid, multiple frags available, p/u Staten Island
  9. fish

    Is any vendor selling fish at swap? Pre-order list???
  10. wtb

    Wtb JF Space Invader Pectinia
  11. Z&p

    Discount for MR swap Black Hornet (Ktar) 2 polyps frag - sold Hallucination ( ReefKoi ) 1 polyp - sold, 2 polyps frag - sold ASD Greek Goddess 2 polyps - hold Scramble egg (Pro corals) sold Tyree orange rainbow 2 polyps $25 Tyree setosa (multibranch) $10 ORA purple stylo $5 (1 inch frag)...
  12. Clean up crew

    WTB snail, hermit crab, starfish ... Cheap ;)
  13. Christmas tree worm rock

    WTB Christmas tree worm rock. LMK
  14. plumbing

    Help, needs advise for plumbing Setting up a new pump for the tank. Try to connect HomeDepot 1" male connector to 1" female connector of "Blowhole" pump. Even I use teflon tape with the joint, I still notice a small amount of water dripping between the joint. Anything else I can get/use to stop...
  15. Reeflo Blowhole

    Interest to use Reeflo BlowHole 1450 as return pump for my new setup (72"x24"x22"). Anybody has experience with this little pump? Quiet or not?? Enough flow for 165 g tank?
  16. WTB blue polyps stylo or birdnest

    Hi, WTB true blue polyps stylo or birdnest
  17. Pump and lighting

    Hi, Needs recommendation for pump and lighting for my new tank! Planning to run the sump from basement to display tank (~150G) on first floor. What size pump do I needs?? Any recommendation?? Also looking into Ecoxotic LED Cannon Pendant. Anybody has experience using one?? Please give some...
  18. cheap red table mini colony

    For sale: red table mini colony - not ORA - $30 (SOLD) (sorry for the poor pic and color!) PM if interest, pick up only
  19. LOW cost reefing:)

    PM if interest, priority given for my friend first :biglaugh: $20: large sps colony: purple polyps with light purple tip, see pic $2: plug with ponape birdsnest (tiny) - SOLD $2: thermometer (should work, but check it first, sale as is) - GONE $5: RO drinking water (Brand: GE??, sale as...
  20. hermit

    Anybody know what is the different between scarlet hermit crab and red leg hermit crab. Scarlet hermit is at least 3 times more expensive than red leg hermit! Why?