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  1. Shoutout! Tank for sale

    I have a full reef ready tank for sale, ready to go. Sale includes the following: 100g custom reef ready acrylic tank 48x18x30 -Custom stand -Custom matching canopy -Vectra M1 return pump - Tsunami sump -Emperor aquatics 40w UV sterilizer (pentair) - jbj arctica 1/3hp Chiller -all of the...
  2. Tank installation help

    Hello everyone. If anyone is available to help out with moving some tanks around on Saturday December 7th in the Seaford Wantaugh area. We are starting at 9am. Coffee and bagels will be provided. Pllase let me.
  3. Equipment price dropped to 1000 OBO

    Located in Seaford, Long Island Selling a 100g custom acrylic display tank. Internal overflow. Tank, stand, canopy, tsunami sump. 48L x 18D x 30T. Picture included of tank. Looking for 2500. Tank cost me 4k by itself not including the stand or canopy. I also have: -vectra M1 return pump...
  4. WTB Equiptment

    Hey everyone im looking for the following equipment. Radion XR30 Gen 2 Radion XR30 diffusers Radion XR30 mounting brackets Vectra L1 pumps MP40WQD Poly carbonate Mixing Tanks Apex WIFI system Getting all of the equiptment together for my in wall build. I will be updating this post with more...
  5. Brand new caribsea sand

    Looking to sell or trade brand new in box 40 lb bags of caribsea ocean direct sand. 35 a bag or trade for dry base rock.
  6. Wtb 40gallon tank

    Looking for a 40 gallon tank setup. Does not need to be reef ready. If anyone is upgrading or has a setup let me know. Its for my kids bedroom. Text 6462616400. Thanks.
  7. Im back

    Hey everyone. Most of you may remember me. If not all good. I down sized and left the hobby for a bit but i am getting back into the swing of things. I bought my dream home and now its time to build my dream tank. I will be around alot moving forward seeing if any procedures have changed...
  8. I'm back. back in a NY groove.

    Hey everyone. I'm back after about a year hiatus I'm setting up a 55 gallon cube. Plumbing everything now. Would love to hear from all the old timers lol. See who is still around. I heard I just missed the swap. Hope all is good with everyone.
  9. sun coral/dendro

    Hey guys got a friend who is looking for sun coral or dendro. I just broke down my tank. Anyone has please message me thanks.
  10. tank break down

    Hey everyone with a huge life change coming up I am sad to say I broke down my 92 corner and need to sell everything. 92 corner black reef ready with sump. 200 $SOLD 120 watt led light with hanging kit 150 $SOLD Reef keeper elite with 2 power bars, ph probe and the wireless features 250 $SOLD...
  11. Rbta help

    Hey everyone im looking for some help with my RBTA. It has split 3 times now and I don't know how to get the extra split RBTA to detatch off the Rock so I can trade or sell or donate. if anyone can help me out that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rich
  12. free cheato

    Title says it all. I'm trimming and I have 2 fist sized batches for free. Just pick up. Text me if your interested. 6462616400
  13. Mp10w es

    Hey everyone im selling 2 mp10w es power heads. Both in great working condition. I upgraded my tank and they are too small at this point. If you want to buy both I would sell the 2 for 400. List price is 265 each. So that's a savings of 130$. Call for more info 6462616400.
  14. Selling 55g corner tank

    Selling my 55g corner tank. Black stand, glass top, NOT reef ready. Along with this sale comes the overflow and a sump. Its either a 10 or 20g. Not sure. All u need is a return pump and lights. Willing to let it go for 250$ best offer is always looked at. Please call for pictures if...
  15. fish question

    hey all i added a few fish and i havent been here in a while.. so here they are.. coral beauty bicolor angel fish lubback wrasse golden headed sleeper gobby my question to all is... will the gobby pair with a shrimp, and if so what shrimp would be the best choice? thanks everyone.
  16. tank repair

    Anyone know how to re-silicone a corner tank. Have a oppertunity to pick up a 105g corner for 100$ with stand and canopy but needs to he resealed on the bottom. I'm willing to pay someone that knows how to do it. Let me know before I purchase it.
  17. im back

    so i dont know if anyone missed me at all the past 3 weeks but im back.. some people may know i got married on may 21st and was on my honeymoon for 2 weeks in playa del carmen and cozumel mexico. if anyone wants to see pics let me know on here and ill post.
  18. skype

    Anyone use it and can explain to me how to use it. Lol. Going to mexico next eel and would like to use it while out there. I've made a user name but can't figure out how to do the video chat or I'm with someone.
  19. fish id please

  20. limo/car service

    As some of you may know I am getting married Saturday May 21st. I will be leaving for my honeymoon May 24th. Anyone recomend a car service/limo to go To the airport. If you own a limo/car service you can call me at 6462616400. Thanks