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  1. Zoas pack mushroom rocks and rainbow bta

    Zoa pack $150 - all frags have 5 or more polyps except for blue lagoons (3 polyp) Sunny d?s CB Rainbow Infusions Utter Chaos Blue Lagoons Bambams Mandarins JF Jungle Juice WWC Purple Monsters
  2. 93 Gallon Cube Breakdown Sale

    93 Gallon Cube Tank and Stand includes live rock and sand - $275 Ecotech Radion Gen 3 Pro with Rms mount - $300 - pending
  3. Vortech MP40WQD

    Power block just failed and I am about to break down the tank so I am not replacing it. A replacement can be purchased for about $50. Comes with dry side, two wetsides, and controller $125 Can be picked up on Staten Island or Downtown Manhattan
  4. Apex Classic Orange Label

    Apex (Orange Label) for sale $200 Apex includes brain, display controller, ph probe(but most likely will need to be changed as it?s a couple of years old), temp probe, eb8, and netgear wireless adapter. Can be picked up in Staten Island or Downtown Manhattan.
  5. Apex (Orange Label) for sale

    $300 Apex includes brain, display controller, ph probe, temp probe, eb8, and netgear wireless adapter. Can be picked up in Staten Island, downtown Manhattan, or Flatiron.
  6. Red haddoni anemone

    Unfortunately I have to sell this anemone because it is staring to take over my tank. This anemone is about 20"-22" when fully open. $650 obo
  7. Berghia nudibranch

    Looking for two to pick up from Staten Island, Manhattan, or Brooklyn.
  8. Bright red haddoni carpet anemone

    This is truly a beautiful anemone. It is about 16-18" when fully opened. Looking for $650.
  9. FS or FT Sunny Ds - $40

    10 polyps that I would like to trade for any zoas that I do not already have or sell for $40 or obo
  10. Caribsea arag-alive special grade reef sand

    I have two unopened 20lb bags for $20 each. Open to trades.
  11. F/S or F/T Jason Fox Orange Favia with Purple Eyes -$50

    1"x1"x1" frag tons of eye on this frag. Would trade for high end zoas that I do not have or for an aussie gold torch.
  12. Used Jebao rw-8

    I have two for sale. If you purchase both $100 or $60 each. Nothing wrong with them. Just too much flow for my tank.
  13. Kessil a360we with gooseneck and 90 degree adapter - $350

    The light is in great working condition. I have had no issues growing anything in my tank with it. The only reason why I am selling it is because I didn't want to purchase a second light and I only wanted to have one light to cover my 93 cube. If you have any questions or would like to see...
  14. Anyone interested in doing a brs group buy?

    Looking to make a purchase soon so if you know of one that is going on or would like to start one with me let me know. Thanks!
  15. Wtb ecotech radion pro gen 3

    Looking for new or used...any sales or deals out there?
  16. Wtb 93 gallon reef ready marineland tank and stand

    Looking for a brand new tank and stand.
  17. Wtb pukani rock

    Looking for 80-100 lbs live or dry
  18. 10"-12" Blue gigantea anemone

    I am regretfully selling my blue gigantea anemone because it is way too big for my 60 cube. Really healthy and if you have been looking for one you know that these are extremely rare and even harder to find one that is healthy. The price is $400 but I am willing to listen to offers. I would...
  19. Reef Octopus Prime 150 Protein Skimmer

    Does anyone have this skimmer? I have been searching for reviews on this skimmer and apparently there aren't many reviews. I am looking to purchase one since they are on sale for $249.99 on premium aquatics. If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Large blue linkia starfish -$25

    Pm me with your number for pics. Really thick legs about as thick as a finger.