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  1. Looking for some zoa frag

    Lost all my corals.. just looking for some softies to get started again,, free would be nice or cheap prices... thanks
  2. Looking for Zoa colony's

    I am looking for Zoa Colony's for my sons tank let me know what you have.....
  3. Magnetic shelf rocks

    2 magnetic shelf rocks for sale....$25 each... 10x4x4
  4. WTB Zoas frags or small colonys

    Looking to fill my kids tanks with zoas,, 1-28gallon 1-29 gallon let me know what you got.... looking for cheap frags or colony's...not looking to break my bank any further than I have me..... thanks
  5. Korallin Calcium Reactor

    For sale Korallin Calcium Reactor with Ehiem pump and Ph probe port .... cleaned and ready to go with Reactor media included ......$85
  6. Hanna Checkers for sale

    1- Calcium +reagent and case----$35 Firm 1-Alkalinity +reagents and case---$35 Firm
  7. Calcium Reator, Co2 Reg, 2-Co2 Tanks complete setup

    For sale Korallin Calcium Reactor, Aquarium plants Carbon Doser Co2 Regulator with check valve and 2 tanks. ( 1-5lb , 1-10lb ) I have extra Reactor media as well and hose I will throw in... Everything you need to setup and get started to keep your calcium levels stable.... I am selling cause I...
  8. Eshoop s-150 cone skimmer

    For sale Eshoops s-150 cone skimmer used for about a year,,extra large cup rated up to 150 gallon it will be cleaned and ready for pickup asap.....$125
  9. Aquatic life 6 bulb T5 light

    For sale 6 Bulb T5 48" programmable Aquatic life light the bulbs in light are a month old and I will through in about 4-6 extra bulbs (not new but still good )and an brand new extra ballast for light(worth $40 alone) ......$100 takes the Light and all the extras..... no low balling.. I don't...
  10. FOR SALE AQUARIUM PLANTS Co2 Reg +2 tanks

    AQUARIUM PLANTS Co2 regulator with 2 tanks $375 obo (reg is 6months old) pm me if interested.....
  11. For sale SCA-302 Skimmer

    For sale SCA-302 skimmer used for 8-10 months $100 firm I am giving it a vinegar bath over night and will post pics when cleaned out. Used on my 90 gallon worked Great....Would consider trades for Zoa colony's or SPS colony's
  12. Wtb skimmer

    I would like to upgrade my skimmer,,for a 90 gallon + system lmk what you got,,,,,,,,,, PM IS BEST
  13. WTB,, light for 28 gallon Nano

    Looking for 2 lights for my kids nano tanks!,,,, let me know what you got
  14. birdsnest turning white "Bleaching"

    So both my pink and green birdsnest are bleaching white, all parameters are good and new led lights have been running for a few months. calcium 433 All 10.13 Nitrates good Ammonia good Any ideas why? All other c Orval's are not affected,,
  15. Free Cheato

    It's time to trim CHEATO back and pay it forward 2-3 sandwich bags packed with Cheato for FREEEEEEEEE, I will be in Manhattan tomorrow morning if that works for anyone,,, let me know
  16. Does anyone know what this is?

    I seen this sliding down the back of my tank this morning anyone know what it is?
  17. Free Athelia

    I have a nice size frag for free can meet in uptown Manhattan,, pm me
  18. What's the worst Tank disaster story?

    I was wondering what's the worst Tank disaster anyone had? I haven't had any disasters knock on Water,, but would like to know yours,, maybe it will help someone avoid the same Disaster!!!! Let's hear it!!!
  19. Wtb an apex eb-8

    I am looking for an Apex EB-8,,, I have a EB-4 (1- month old) that I can trade with some cash if that works for anyone,, pm me if you have one for sale or a trade. Thanks for looking
  20. Mexico reef and beach water testing results

    So I went snorkeling yesterday in Cancun Mexico and collected some water from around the Reef we snorkled and also from the beach from the resort we stayed at in the Rivera Miya area of Cancun and here are the results SNORKELING SALINITY = .0127. CALCIUM. = 379-Hanna Checker. ALKALINITY=...