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  1. EMERGENCY! Need a good home for fish in Bohemia, NY

    Long story, but a friend of mine had a bad breakup and is now left with a full tank setup and a bunch of fish. Need to move the fish first. She has a wrasse, spotted trigger, 3 clowns and 2 damsels. She doesn't know the exact species and I cant get out there to help her (I'm in Brooklyn)...
  2. WTB Montipora cap

    Large frag/small colony any color
  3. Free sps frags to sps newbies ONLY

    what a nice guy!
  4. 150 Gallon Near Complete Set Up

    how much are you selling for?
  5. free pro fritz salt

    I just made a batch of Fritz and tested it last night. 8.5 440 1400
  6. Blastos colony

    Gorgeous wish I had the space. If you make Mini colonies out of it I'll grab one
  7. Reef Trends - Salt Sales

    Interested. Prices and pickup info please
  8. Pink Birdnest colony for sale

    gorgeous wish I was closer GLWS
  9. 80 gallon rimless (full setup)

    Id take it if you were closer! GLWS
  10. tank skimmer light heater

    Didn't you just livestream unboxing this tank earlier tonight?
  11. Re-Grand Opening of Coney Island Ave Aquarium Store

    Awesome! I live close by I'll check it out this weekend
  12. Niger TriggerFish FS

    how is he with other fish?
  13. Pacific Sun Hyperion s2 48"

    how is it controlled?
  14. freshwater buying/selling

    A friend of mine is looking to purchase a freshwater setup
  15. 24" controllable/dimable t5 or t5/led fixture

    Can P/U in the tristate area PM me or text 917-957-1223 Mikey
  16. freshwater buying/selling

    Does anyone know a local forum to buy and sell freshwater equipment? Thanks Mike
  17. SPS Cancer??

    I am a Cancer expert (Radiation Therapist) and that does not look like ca to my eye
  18. Reef Trends - Consulting, Installation and Maintenance

    I'm planning a new build in the spring and have never plumbed from scratch before. I'll keep you in mind!
  19. Skimmers, Par Meter & More

    Why do you have so many skimmers?
  20. LFS pricing... I don't get it

    Pizza is also marked up 500%