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  1. Free Chinese Blackbox/Maspect LED

    I'm purging out my basement and came across some old units I have. Some still work and some will need some TLC. I don't have time to tinker to repair them. It's free and given away As-Is. Total 3 Chinese units; 2 Maspect units w/ballasts. Pick up Flushing Queens.
  2. Coral Acro Frag FS/FT

    This piece broke off awhile ago and has fully healed. Looking for other acros. Otherwise selling it for $25. No Name Acro (greenish-blue w/purple tips) Pickup in Chinatown, Manhattan or Flushing, NY. Can meet up in Western Nassau along Northern Blvd (25A) Mon-Thur mornings also. Thanks for...
  3. Neptune Apex really...

    Are they a joke?...Need to vent a little. I need help setting this up which their website's Start Up guide links absolutely sucks. I created a ticket for support help and have to wait hours for a response via email for one step (what color are my lights on the units?). I call them, and they...
  4. Coral Wysiwyg Nano Pack for $25

    I can bring this pack to the swap. They are just small pieces from accidental breakoffs while moving things around that is taking up rack space. Want to move them for new frags from the swap. WYSiWYG -purple digi -birds of paradise -tubstella monti -birdsnest (could be pink) if not, it's green...
  5. Coral Zoa frags fs

    I have a few frags of these for sale. $15 each or take both for $25. I will also trade for other zoas. Pickup in 10013 Thanks.
  6. Coral Birds Nest Frag Packs

    Each pack includes 4 frags: - Birds of Paradise - Purple Stylo - Green w/purple Birds Nest - Green Birds Nest w/hints of reddish/orange body Asking $25. I have 2-3 packs. Individual frags available also $10-$15 each. Pictures of sample below. Pick up in Flushing, 11354 or Chinatown 10013 Also...
  7. Coral Acro and BN colony + frags

    Selling these two colonies: Acro (greenish-blue w/purple tips) - SOLD Green Birdsnest (8"?6") - $150 Frags/mini colonies ($5 and up) of the above are available also. Please pm me. Pickup in Chinatown, Manhattan or Flushing, NY. Can meet up in Western Nassau along Northern Blvd (25A) Mon-Thur...
  8. Few frags for Sale

    Got a few frags for sale, pick up in Flushing or Chinatown Manhattan pic #1 - gold leptasrea - $20 pic #2 - green psammocora - SOLD pic #3 - sakura palys (from NYReef) - 5p - $10 -10p -$15 -15p -$20 Thanks for looking.
  9. Large Acro frags gor sale

    I have two large frags of a purplish-green acro that I had to cut to get to a birdsnest colony I sold. 1st frag is $30 2nd frag is $20 (Mother colony is in the background in each pic) Pickup in Flushing, NY. Thanks for looking
  10. Eibli Angelfish FS

    Selling office tank. I was thinking at first putting him into my home reef tank, but getting second thoughts of what it could do. Had it for 2+ years. I'm putting it up for sale at $30. Pickup in Manhattan 10013.
  11. Large Birdsnest Colonies for Sale

    Looking to free up lots of space. Pick up in Flushing, NY 11354.
  12. Hippo Tang and Other Fish FS

    The Hippo has redeveloped its HTLD after I transferred it from my home tank because it was chopping my zoas and knowing down acros. I had him for over 5yrs from someone who also broke down tank knowing it had the problem but was well contained with a good diet and water parameters. So since my...
  13. Aquatop 7G Cube Tank FS

    I have 7G rimless tank made by Aquatop. Never had the chance to set it up. No leaks or scratches. Asking $30 Pickup in Flushibg 11354 or Manhattan 10013
  14. Reef Octopus 160 Skimmer FS

    Recently upgraded to a larger skimmer. Have been using this since I've started, first on 72g then lite-load 180g. Sicce pump was replaced in 2017. Dimensions are about 22"?8"?8" Needs a little cleaning. Asking for $100 Pick up in Flushing 11354 or Manhattan 10013.
  15. Green Matted Filefish for sale

    About 1.25", healthy. Asking for $20. I picked him up thinking it would take care of some aiptasia behind the rocks, but I noticed it starting to pick on some acro polyps, so it has to go. No guarantees on these fish for aiptasia in any reef tank. I was lucky the last time with a pair that did...
  16. WYSIWYG pack for sale

    4 pack WYSIWYG for $25. Need to clear up space. pink birdsnest purple stylo neon green birdsnest birds of paradise Pick up in Flushing 11354 or Manhattan 10013.
  17. Figuring it out...

    Using Galaxy Note 8 and making sure I don't drop it into the water. I never did topdown because my lights and low and pumps were always today, I went to feed mode to do some rerock work and to clear out fallen corals in the back...and this is what I see.
  18. Live rocks for sale

    Semi-breakdown. I want to sell some rocks from my office to create more space for fish. I have all sizes from small to medium to large. I don't have a weigh, so I'm selling by 5 gallon buckets. $60 per 5gallon bucket. Pickup in Manhattan 10013.
  19. Acro frags for sale

    Hi, I trimmed a bit today and have 2 nice-sized frags. I forgot the name, but acro has green bushy body with purple tips. #1 - both pieces lgr pc is SOLD sm pc is $15 (right) #2 - pic of lg pc SOLD #3 - pic of sm pc $15 #4 - pic of mother colony Pickup in Flushing or Lower Manhattan.
  20. FREE Nuvo 16 AIO tank

    Tank w/return tubes and fittings, and glass cover only...needs lots of TLC example: redo silicon for internal back panel, scratches are noticeble. Holds water, no leaks. Pickup in Flushing, Queens, NY 11354.