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  1. Lifeguard quiet one 5000 pump

    Lifeguard quiet one 5000, wasn't it gone, used for 6 months in a 110 gallon tank, great pump. $50
  2. 110 gallon bow

    Still trying to sell, 110 gallon Aquavim seamless bow, MV 110 gallon: Overall dimension: 49"L x 22"W x 69"H, Tank height: 25", with one overflow box. comes with canopy and stand $500
  3. Here we go again, custom 110 gallon Aquavit seamless bow

    Been trying to sell this forever, custom 110 gallon Aquavim seamless bow, 5/8 thick glass110: Overall dimension: 49"L x 22"W x 69"H, Tank height: 25", with one overflow box. Looking for $700 neg, this is a 2000 dollar tank or close to it. Out of the hobby and I want it gone.
  4. 110 gallon aquavim seamless bow

    still trying to sell this tank, I'm out of the hobby, 110 gallon, seamless bow, 5/8 thick glass, has canopy and stand, built in overflow. Will sell for 600 or I'm up to trade for a drum set or keyboard/synthesiser.
  5. 110 gallon bow

    110 gallon seamless bow, real thick glass and built in overflow, $600
  6. Mp40 and tunze osomator

    I have a used mp40, good shape $300 and a year old Tunze osomator $150. Want them gone, out of the hobby.
  7. 110 gallon tank

    I still have for sale a Aquavim 110 gallon seamless bow, with canopy and stand, built in overflow. This is a heavy duty custume tank, 5/8 thick glass. 700 neg, make an offer. I have it in a storage place and need to get rid of it!
  8. Reef keeper lite

    Reef keeper lite $70, works fine.
  9. Tunze osmolator

    Tunze osmolator, works great, $150.00
  10. Custom seamless bow

    I have a Aquavim seamless bow for sale, I need it gone by the end of this month. I has a canopy and stand, it's really heavy duty very thick glass, has overflow and sump and I'll throw in the return pump. $1000 negotiable.
  11. Mp40

    I have a mp40 for sale, it is wireless and works fine. $350
  12. Aquavim Tank / Calcium reactor, tank and regulator

    I have for sale a Aqua vim 110 gallon seamless bow, thick glass, comes with sump and overflow, with canopy height is 65, by about 47 long and 181/2 width. 1000 negotiable.
  13. Bubble Magus Curve 7, RO unit

    Year old Bubble Magus Curve 7 protein skimmer, rated from 185g-240 gallon, thing works like a beast. $200
  14. Mp 40s, Tunze Osmolator, 2 Ecotech radion pros 1st gen

    I have 2 mp40s for sale and a backup battery. One manufacture date is April 17 2013, the other is Jan 19 2012. $ 250 each $70for battery back up. Everything works great.
  15. 2 radion pro first gen

    I have 2 radion pros for sale, first gen. Paid 750 each, will sell for 500 each
  16. 2 mp40s

    Selling 2 mp 40s with a back up battery, $700 for everything, 350 each and 50 dollars for the battery backup.
  17. Fish and live rock

    Selling one approximately 6 inch hippo tang, healthy had him for a few years, a mated pair of Picasso clowns with their rose bubble tip anemone, a melanarus wrasse, some yellow fish that swims upside down, forgot the name, scarlet banded shrimp, fire shrimp and whatever crabs and snails are...
  18. 110 gallon full set up

    I'm getting out of the hobby moving and just don't have the time. I would like to sell everything together if possible. 110 gallon Aquavim seamless bow, has canopy and stand, 2 radion pros, apex controller, tune osmolator ato, 5 pound co2 tank, CarbonDoser Electronic CO2 Regulator, precision...
  19. 8" sock holder and 2 socks

    Vertex filter 8" sock holder and 2 filter socks brand new unused, $30.
  20. Reef octopus diablo xs 160 protein skimmer

    Hi I have a reef octopus xs diablo 160 protein skimmer,bought it the end of April, skims like a champ just too tight in my sump, paid $324 asking $250. Local pick up only, not going to the city.