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  1. Dr. Mac

    End Of Year CLEARANCE SALE Begins NOW

    We are starting off our End Of Year CLEARANCE SALE now with 45% off Premium WYSIWYG frags. You may place your order at any time and request your ship date, we resume shipping after Dec 27. $19.99 shipping on orders over $150. Lots of new frags will be posting between now and Dec 27 when we...
  2. Dr. Mac

    High-End Rainbows & More In Here!

    We have just begun to post the High-End corals Dr. Mac hand-picked during his recent Indonesia trip. There are some incredible colonies on our site now and we will be posting more all week so please check our site frequently so you don't miss out on that one-of-a-kind showpiece for your reef...
  3. Dr. Mac

    Premium Palys!

    Calling all Zoa and Paly lovers! Make sure to check out our Premium Palys page - we have frags of all these gorgeous Paly colonies available plus many more. And don't forget about the exclusive discount!
  4. Dr. Mac

    The Wait is Over!

    The wait is (almost) over! Join us on our Facebook Page Saturday May 6th at 3:30 PM EST for a Facebook LIVE update! We'll be posting loads of new stock from Dr. Mac's latest trip to Indonesia - this will be the first opportunity to get your hands on these amazing pieces...
  5. Dr. Mac

    Crazy Cool Corals!

    In case you missed it, we've posted lots of cool new coral this week - check these out! This is one GORGEOUS Trachphyllia! So many amazing frags! You never...
  6. Dr. Mac

    Hot New Nems!

    We've got some awesome new Rock and Maxi Mini Anemones in stock now! These guys are a great pop of color and easy to care for!
  7. Dr. Mac

    40% off! Happy Easter!

    We're celebrating the Easter holiday weekend with a huge clearance sale! *Use discount code SPRING40 to take 40% off on our Premium Frag Pages! *Loads of colorful frags to choose from!
  8. Dr. Mac

    Got Plants?

    Macro algae plants come in a variety of colors and textures. Handled with care, they can make a beautiful addition to your main reef tank. In a refugium setting, they're a great resource for nutrient control. If you're looking to add a little something different to your tank, we have an...
  9. Dr. Mac

    Blue Light Live Sale 2.0!

    Our last Blue Light Special Really Live Live Sale was so popular, we've decided to host another! *Now with updated photos so you can see both a blue LED and full spectrum shot for each item! Join us Thursday at 3 PM EST on our Facebook page go view the video live feed of our sale. *See each...
  10. Dr. Mac

    So many goodies!

    Loads of gorgeous new goodies posted this week. Selling fast, check them out before they're gone!
  11. Dr. Mac

    Bargain Party!

    Have you checked out the HUNDREDS of new Bargain Frags we've been posting this week? *If not, what are you waiting for? *Over 100 more added just today, all priced under $25!
  12. Dr. Mac

    Blue Light Specials - Live Sale!

    Glowing Deals at our BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL REALLY LIVE Facebook Live Sale Saturday*3pm*eastern on Facebook! Up to 60% off retail, plus bonus discount code!! All photos taken under blue LEDs, see full spectrum during Live Event.
  13. Dr. Mac


    What's better than new stock posting? *New stock posting at 30% off! *Use discount code WOW30 and take 30% off our Premium Frag and Aussie Acro Frag pages, including new frags just posted today!
  14. Dr. Mac

    Snowmaggedon Live Sale!

    With tomorrow looking to be a snow day for us here at Pacific East, we thought it would be the perfect time for another Really Live Live Sale! Join us on our Facebook page tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th, from 3-4PM EST for our Snowmaggedon Live Sale! *Video feed will be broadcast live on Facebook...
  15. Dr. Mac

    Are you a Bargain lover?

    We sure are, and now is a great time to spoil your tank without breaking the bank! Loads of new Bargain Page frags just added! ALL Bargain Page frags are less than $25, most less than $20!
  16. Dr. Mac

    Save some Green!

    We've got all kinds of amazing corals posted this week, from Aussie Acros to amazing Mushrooms and gorgeous LPS and Euphyllias! *There's no better time to save some green while you spruce up your tank! Use discount code GREEN25 and take 25% off the amazing corals on our New Goodies, Aussie Acro...
  17. Dr. Mac

    Join the Insanity!

    If you haven't seen all the INSANELY nice corals posting on our site this week, you are missing out! Now is the time for you and your tank to join the insanity and grab some of these pieces while they last! INSANELY nice Mushrooms, Rics, and much much more on the New Goodies page...
  18. Dr. Mac

    Facebook Live Really LIVE Sale Today!

    Join us today at Noon EST for our Facebook Live Really LIVE Sale! What is a really LIVE sale you ask? *We will be LIVE video broadcasting on our Facebook page during the event. *You'll have the chance to see each item close up, ask any questions you may have, see exclusive offers only available...
  19. Dr. Mac

    45% off Presidents Day Sale and NEW Goodies Just Posted!

    45% off our Premium Frag page! Hundreds of WYSIWYG Frags to choose from! Also check out all the NEW Goodies posted over the weekend! Super HOT stuff! NEW Corals posting everyday...
  20. Dr. Mac

    NEW Hand-picked Corals Just Posted!

    Lots of HOT NEW Goodies posted and more posting all week. Check back often!