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  1. dacaptain78

    Used Tanks and Stands / Single Ended Metal Halide Reflectors / Skimmers forsale

    Located on Staten Island, 10314. Selling two used tanks. First is a 58 gallon reef ready Oceanic tank with pine stand. Stand had some water damage from previous owner but is structurally sound. Hardware on left door needs to be replaced (see pictures). Second tank is a 75 gallon non-reef...
  2. dacaptain78

    Ecotech MP 10 quiet drive

    Can someone who owns one of these pumps let me know how loud they are. I need a pump for Nuvo Fusion 20 but it is in my sons room so I need it silent, or near silent. If it makes a humming noise I will pass. Currently I am using a Tunze nano stream 6095' but it is too powerful and takes up a...
  3. dacaptain78

    Cabinet doors

    I am in need of cabinet doors for my stand and canopy. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced local cabinet maker who could build custom cabinet doors? Any leads appreciated. Thank you.
  4. dacaptain78

    Plumbing Question

    Does anyone know what size vinyl tubing will slip over one inch schedule 40 PVC pipe? Thanks.
  5. dacaptain78

    GFO Reactor

    Which reactor is the easiest to clean? I have a TLF and it is a bit of a chore to clean. They all seem similarly designed so there may be not good alternative, but I thought I'd get MR's opinion.
  6. dacaptain78

    More new fish

    Picked up an Achilles tang, black ice clown and a rose anemone from aquatic obsession this past weekend. Achilles went into my QT. I put the rose anemone and clown fish into the display tank. I was hesitant to put the clown directly into the DT but I already had a blue face and regal angel on...
  7. dacaptain78

    Picked up some Angels from Elos aqua studio

    First, let me say that this was the coolest fish store I have been to. Of course the place looks great because of the wall to wall elos tanks, but the real show stopper is the live stock they carry. A couple gems I saw today were a purple frilly rhino, two dr. Seuss fish, a bi-color yellow tang...
  8. dacaptain78

    Water blaster 10000 for sale

    Bought this for my tank. Used it for two minutes but it is too powerful for my tank. Basically brand new. Bought it for $280 plus shipping. Selling for $250. My loss is your gain. Price is firm. Can deliver in Staten Island or pick up at 3rd and 42nd in manhattan (one block from grand central)...
  9. dacaptain78

    Maroon clownfish FS/FT

    Adult maroon for sale. Had him for a several years. He is healthy just going a different route with my tank. $50 or trade for: Flame angel Blue face angel Snowflake/Picasso clown Reef safe wrasse Frogspawn Hammer Torch Pm with any offers. Thanks.
  10. dacaptain78

    Niger trigger in reef

    Currently have one from my FOWLR that I broke down. Anyone keep one in a reef long term? I know it will eat ornamental crustaceans but how will it fair with your average reef fishes? Just would hate to have it mature into a terror. I am hesitant to add to my recently re- set up reef tank.
  11. dacaptain78

    Complete 54 Gallon Corner Tank for sale

    Selling this for a friend. Located on Staten Island. Not parting out at the moment. Here is what is for sale: 54 gallon All-Glass reef ready tank (like new condition) Pine stand Wet dry sump Pond master UV light rated for up to 200 gallons Coralife 4 bulb T5 with moonlights (not pictured)...
  12. dacaptain78

    Rebuilding after Sandy

    Unfortunately my three saltwater tanks did not make it through hurricane Sandy. I was running a 180 and 65 gallon reef tanks, and a 125 fish only tank. I lost all of my corals and inverts and probably 20 or more fish. Thankfully i still have five fish survivors. After thinking long and hard...
  13. dacaptain78

    Free tanks: Staten Island

    With a heavy heart hurricane sandy has forced me to scale back my aquarium count. I have the following tanks ready for pick up at my house for free. A frag of something would be appreciated once I am able to get up and running again, but not mandatory. Tanks will be in the trash on Monday if...
  14. dacaptain78

    Staten Island emergency: anyone have room to hold large corals?

    I need to break down my tanks this weekend due to damage sustained from hurricane sandy. Fortunately my cousin said he will house my fish and corals. I will not however have a tank set up in his house that can hold my large orange and green caps for a while. The caps are 12+ inches in...
  15. dacaptain78

    Corals for sale Staten Island

    Hi all. Had some frags to sell/trade but was lazy and never posted. Pretty much everything grew into colonies. Need to make room for other goodies. Help me cleanup my sand bed and frag rack. Open to trades as well. Interested in anything that won't grow to plague proportions in my tank or...
  16. dacaptain78

    Bubble magus Doser malfunction: a few questions

    So one of the pumps on my BM doser turned on today and never turned off. It dumped half a gallon of water into my 180g reef tank. Pretty pissed off right now as I bought this piece of equipment to make my life easier. My anemones are noticeably upset, but everything else looks fine at the...
  17. dacaptain78

    Staten Island: Corals for Sale

    Happy New Year MR! I need to make some room in my tank for some new additions so I am selling some coral. Please see pictures below and PM me if interetsed. Pick up only, zip is 10306. Disclaimer: I have red planaria (red flatworms) in my tank. They are relatively harmless but are still...
  18. dacaptain78

    Mag Drive 12 Return pump question

    I plan on using a Mag 12 (1200 gph) as a return pump to my 180 gallon and to feed two reactors (carbon/gfo). The pump will be under the stand so only a few feet of head to the tank. Do you think the Mag 12 will provide sufficient flow for the tank and reactors?
  19. dacaptain78

    Free: Leaking 50 gallon breeder

    I have a 50 gallon breeder that sprung a leak somewhere. Tank was drilled with two 1 inch holes on back glass. I have no desire to try and fix the leak and do not have any animals that can live in a tank without water at the moment. If anyone can use it come pick it up and its yours. Pick up is...
  20. dacaptain78

    90 gallon tank for sale pick up in SI

    I have a used 90 gallon All-Glass reef ready tank for sale. Glass has a few scratches, and it can use a good cleaning. $100 takes it. Pick up in Staten Island 10306. PM If interested.