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    For Sale Dry Rock Large & Show Piece Size

    Bump, I am breaking down tanks and adding the rock (algae/spong covered) to this package so add another 50+ lbs for FREE!
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    For Sale Dosing Equipment & Supplements

    All Items are Marked Used or Unopened (new)... pick up is in Oceanside, NY 11572 $100 - Used Bubble Magnus Dosing Pump (Pump 3 has stopped working but I only needed 2 so never bothered to look into it) BRS Page for New Pricing/Specs $30 Each (have 2) - Used 5.0L Dosing Containers BRS Page...
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    For Sale Dry Rock Large & Show Piece Size

    Mixture of Pukani, Base, and Shelf Rock For Sale.. Pick Up in Oceanside, NY 11572 Both Rocks Together... $100 - Show Sized ~18x14 - Rock #1 $100 - Show Sized ~18x14 - Rock #2 $150 - ~150lb Mixed Pukani Base & Shelf Rock - Large Chunks!!!
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    For Sale Snowflake Ocellaris Clownfish Harem (13 Fish) + Nems

    Updated what is available below.. pick up in Oceanside, NY 11572 $65 Rainbow BTA's - Various Sizes, Mostly on the Larger Side. Some of these are "named" nems but after moving around I cannot keep track. ***EDIT Only BTA's available are currently on Rocks as I work to Remove them*** Pick Up...
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    Clown Fish & Shrimp ForSale

    Bump All Still Available
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    Clown Fish & Shrimp ForSale

    @Ronnieh21 both available, PM’d you
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    Clown Fish & Shrimp ForSale

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    Breakdown Sale - Colonies & Frags

    PM's replied too, availability updated
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    Clown Fish & Shrimp ForSale

    Bump, all still available
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    Equipment Tanks & Equipment ForSale - Oceanside NY 11572

    @jd371 chiller is quite old but still working and Was only used during a few months each summer